On this page you can see all of the information that’s available on this live project that includes hybrid working and the review of Trust corporate buildings.  

Hybrid Working Consultation close down session presentation - ICRAS

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Hybrid Working Consultation close down session presentation - Executive Nursing and Executive Therapies

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Hybrid Working Consultation close down session presentation - Puma Court

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Hybrid Working Consultation close down session presentation - Workforce 

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Hybrid Working Consultation close down session presentation - Finance

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Working safely

Your manager will discuss with you how you can work safely and must make sure your workplace is safe. Where there are any concerns or questions, please liaise with your manager. Remember to follow our Working from home guidance for your safety and wellbeing. Managers will continue to work with colleagues who are unable to home work on the best solution to enable them to fulfil their roles.


If you need any support, please speak to your manager first or:


Display Screen Equipment Assessments (DSE)

All managers who have team members home working must encourage completion of self-assessment forms and conversation checklists. Staff are to complete the forms and managers must complete the checklists for conversations with every member of the team who is home working. Information is required at individual level. There are short term measures we can take, for example, for staff requiring additional pieces of kit, and this will capture that detail. There will be staff, due to their home environment, their wellbeing or reflective of child/carer responsibilities and a host of other reasons, that may not be able to effectively work from home and this feedback will enable us to develop appropriate plans to support these colleagues in the most effective and appropriate way.  

By having these individual conversations we can determine the factors that matter for our staff and we are then able to organise any necessary resources that are needed to support colleagues to be able to work as effectively as possible.

The following freqently asked questions have been updated on 21 July 2022, the most recent FAQs are at top.



20 August 2022


141 - Has the Trust thought of formalising the flexi policy for staff who are hybrid working (similar to the protocol which was issued for V7 during the original moves on site)?

A new policy is being developed in partnership with Staff Side.

140 - We have experienced difficulties recruiting to posts based in Warrington compared to roles in Liverpool.  Is it possible to amend the job adverts to reach more candidates, including mention of hybrid working?

Hybrid working is being captured in recruitment documentation. Managers will be able to explain the needs for each role/service.


139 - With hybrid working there is a risk that individuals could be unfairly disadvantaged if they are either at home more or in the office more. Has the Trust addressed this issue?

Managers will need to ensure that they are supportive across their services, whether colleagues are working remotely or at a location.


138 - Will guidance be available regarding principles of hybrid working?

Sessions based on our Hybrid Working principles have been running during August to provide guidance to managers and colleagues. The sessions will continue and will also be incorporated into our Arrive (managers induction) programme. There will also be Guidance Booklets available based on the principles from September. These will be accessed via the Managers and Staff Hubs on Sharepoint (our intranet). These guidance booklets and sessions are appropriate for all Mersey Care employees. 

137 - What facilities are the Trust putting in place for employees who do not drive?

There is consideration of other locations as required.

136 - Will there be flexibility to go into a different office nearer to home rather than the new base?

Possibly - colleagues need to discuss such requests with their line manager in the first instance. There is a balance with hybrid working to ensure we are all supported regardless of location.

135 - Will there be 24-hour access available to an office with desk top computers in the case of lap top failure and a clinical requirement to document visits promptly?

V7 building is open 24 hours. Any teams that require desktop computers should liaise with the IT department.


134 - Are there any hot desk spots that are available for use in North Liverpool?

There are a few spare hot desks at Queens Drive, which is about the furthest North building that is included in this project.


133 - Is this the start of working back in the office?

More colleagues are returning to office locations, but hybrid working will support colleagues to work in a different way and not always from their office location

132 - Is car pooling an option to cut costs?

All options are being explored by the Executives. Colleagues would absolutely be encouraged to share transport if they can.

131 - How about staff who currently walk into LIP but will now need to use public transport? will they be compensted?

If the new journey is further than the substantive journey, then excess mileage or public transport expenses will be provided in line with policy.

130 - How are working parents being accommodated?

Any colleague with caring responsibilities should raise any issues with their line manager in the first instance to support how they may work. Please remember colleagues are contracted to work a set amount of time per week, caring or parental responsibilities should not be undertaken during contracted hours.

129 - Are we able to link in with other bases through the day (including the start of the day) to minimise mileage/expense?

Hybrid working allows colleagues to work from any location, subject to approval with their service lead and manager.


12 August 2022


128 - Can you provide details of public transport options to each site so that people who rely on this can get a sense of train / buses that they might need to take or alternatively provide links to the relevant public transport provider for the location’s site so that colleagues can check this out for themselves?


Routes to Hollins Park via Public Transport




Liverpool City Centre

Train to Newton Le Willows. Bus to St Oswald Church. 12 min walk to Hollins Park.

Average - 2 hours


10 bus from Manchester Road to St Helens. Platform 3, bus 329 to Hollins Park.

Average - 1 hour 30 mins


Train to Newton Le Willows. Bus to St Oswald Church. 12 min walk to Hollins Park.

Average - 1 hour 30 mins


Train from Southport to Wigan Wallgate. Train from Wigan to Garswood. 22 bus from Garswood to St Oswald Chruch. 12 min walk to Hollins Park.

Average - 2 hours


217 bus from Old Hall Lane to Westmorland Road. Huyton Station to Earlstown Station. 22 bus to St Oswald Church. 11 min walk to Hollins Park.

Average - 1 hour 45 mins


Train from Formby Station to Liverpool South Parkway. Train from LSP to Warrington Central. 22 bus to St Oswald Church. 11 min walk to Hollins Park.

Average - 2 hours 30 mins


166 bus from Church Road to Liverpool South Parkway. Train from LSP to Warrington Central. 22 bus to St Oswald Church. 11 min walk to Hollins Park.

Average - 1 hour 45 mins


133 bus from Sefton Mill Lane to Kirkby. Train from Kirkby to Moorfields. Moorfields to Liverpool Lime Street. LPL to Earlstown. 22 bus to St Oswald Church. 11 min walk to Hollins Park.

Average - 2 hours 10 mins


Bus 22 to St Oswald Church. 11 min walk to Hollins Park.

Average - 30 mins

St Helens

Bus 329 to Hollins Park.

Average - 30 mins


10 bus to St Helens. Bus 329 to Hollins Park.

Average - 45 mins


Routes to V7 and Puma Court via Public Transport




Liverpool City Centre

Liverpool Lime Street to Huyton station. 227 bus from Huyton to Nursery Farm. 297 bus from Nursery Farm to Lyme Close. 11 min walk to Kings Business Park.


10A Q bus from Lord Street to Lyme Cross Road. 9 min walk to Kings Business Park.

Average - 1 hour


Train from Warrington Bank Quay to Wigan North Western. Train from Wigan NW to Prescot. 32 min walk to Kings Business Park.

Average - 1 hour 30 mins

St Helens

10 bus to Huyton Lane, 15 min walk to Kings Business Park.

Average - 40 mins


127 - Will there be desks available for executives at V7?

A reduced number of officers will be available at V7 for the use of the Executive team for when they attend meetings at V7,  and the details of this are being discussed with the Executives.

126 - Will staff be provided with new ID badges?

Staff will be provided with new badges on request and subject to approval from line management. They can have access added to their existing badges if they support the NET2 platform but this depends on the particular badge.

125 - Can the Trust provide clarity to all services as to who will be based where and the rationale for this?

Information has been shared with all services as part of the consultation process. Where changes have been made due to the consultation, this is being fed back to staff. Move plans will be issued following the end of the consultation.

124 - What IT hardware will be available on the hot desks for staff to use?

A proposed standard set up will be Monitor, Docking Station, Keyboard, Mouse and High Rise (for laptop). The monitor will therefore act as screen 1 and the laptop screen as screen 2 if required.

123 - ICRAS therapies did successfully work using the hybrid working method during COVID. Why can’t we do this now?

ICRAS is an urgent reactive service and have recently undertaken and continue to work on the 2-hour response. This requires a quick response and they need to ensure staff are available to respond. Working remotely would put extra pressure on the coordinators. However, the service will be supporting a rota for agile working where staff start their day at home and go straight to their first calls from there. This will enable the service to use their capacity better and support the 2-hour response.

122 - Is there any software or booking system setup planned to be able to "hot desk" across sites & across the city?

A Desk and Meeting Room Booking system is currently being developed by IM. Currently this system is being implemented in V7, however we could look to roll this out to other sites in the future if hot desking is available on those sites.

121 - Will there be a process for specialised equipment relating to a reasonable adjustment be procured centrally?

Specialised equipment should be procured by managers from departmental or team budgets.


120 - Will there be a lockable storage room available at our new base?

Storage arrangements for each team have been discussed with team managers. Where lockable storage is required, this will be facilitated.

119 - Laptops do not work for admin teams. I currently use two monitors because of the nature of my job, so will I be able to take my own equipment from Goodlass?

This information should be outlined within the IT survey sent out to all managers in regards to any equipment needing to be retained. By including this on the survey, this will ensure it is moved across for your team


4 August 2022


118 - Some staff have telephones at home for hybrid working. Will this be rolled out to everyone?  We need to be closer to our health visitors

It is the understanding that most staff should now have mobile phones as a result of working remotely/hybrid over the last two years. Staff without mobile phones will need to discuss with their managers for approval to order. In terms of phones within bases, the option of soft phones (an application installed to an individual’s desktop/laptop which acts the same as a physical phone would, having the persons allocated number attached) is being discussed with physical phones on the desks being implemented by exception.

117 - If someone needs to buy equipment, such as a desk or chair to work safely and comfortably from home in the longer term, would they be able to claim this back?

In the first instance, colleagues should discuss any such needs with their line manager as all equipment required to undertake the role in a Hybrid way should be provided by the Trust to ensure it is appropriate in respect of health & safety requirements. Colleagues should not in the first instance seek to purchase their own.

116 - Do any of the bases that the services are moving to already have Audio Visual Screens installed for MDT meetings?

Funding has been provided to supply some AV equipment to selected meeting rooms across V7, Hollins Park House and Puma Court. This will therefore be procured and installed/completed as part of the project.

115 - Could printers on all Trust sites be made usable by staff visiting?

The Canon MFD’s situated at each site are connected to the network and therefore available to all members of staff whether they be visiting or based within the building. Explanation of how to access the printer and print can be explained by the IM service desk.

114 - Will colour printing facilities be available as these are essential to our team?

Some of the Canon MFD’s implemented across the three sites will have colour printing facilities. Each site should contain at least one printer that provides the option to print in colour.

113 - Will meeting rooms be set up to facilitate hybrid meetings (where some staff are in the room and others joining remotely)?

Yes, selected meeting rooms will be set up in this way across the three sites, V7, Puma Court and Hollins Park House.

112 - For those staff who are unable to drive and live a distance that would take approximately 2 hours to get to and from work.

111 - Would Mersey Care consider paying for a taxi, to take these staff to and from work, approximately once a month when we would expect to see them?

There is no facility within Trust policy to fund taxi fares to facilitate people coming to and from work.

The requirements to be in work is down to the discussions/decisions made at local team level in regard to team requirements, i.e. why would anyone be expected to travel a significant distance for a team meeting.

110 - My laptop isn't compatible with all docking stations, will this be addressed?

This should be raised with your line manager and a request submitted to IM for the laptop to be upgraded.

109 - Will there be a process in place regarding specialised equipment ensure the equipment is identified and doesn’t leave the location It is in?


Access to specialist equipment should continue to be managed in line with current provisions. If this requires chairs or other bespoke resources needing to be isolated when the specific colleague is not on site this would need to be considered.

108 - Should agency staff be included in consultations?

No – only substantively employed colleagues are in scope of the consultation.

Agency colleagues deployed within any of the services in scope should be engaged with to inform them of any pending change to location of the service, particularly if this might affect the individual’s ability to fulfil the assignment and alternative arrangements need to be considered.

107 - Can we choose our base to help with travel expenses?

No – colleagues are not able to choose a base, however, through the 1-to-1 process and team planning it could be possible to agree alternative locations for colleagues to suit the needs of the service.

106 - Why are ICRAS therapies & ICRAS nurses being separated? How will we work co-productively to ensure first class patient care?

ICRAS teams are to be cohorted together in Goodlass.

105 - Where services have specific service administrators - will these staff be sat with the team or in the admin hub?

Specialist and AHP Admin will remain with their teams.

27 July 2022


104 - Consultations are to discuss possible changes, these changes have already been decided, so what is the point of the consultation?

There are a range of proposals currently outlined as part of the consultation. Colleagues and Staff Side are being asked in the consultation period to engage in the process and provide any proposed changes, challenges, agreement, etc. At the conclusion of the consultation all feedback will be considered any the outcomes will be communicated, including any changes to the original proposals.

103 - Is security available for teams who work night shifts?


Puma Court and V7 are both located on King’s Business Park which has a security hut at the front entrance. security regularly patrol the site and are contactable on the following number 07711057300.


Colleagues moving to community sites in Liverpool should discuss security arrangements with their team manager.

Hollins Park House is not a 24-hour building.

102 - Staff no longer meet the criteria to claim for tax relief for working from home. What are Mersey Care’s plans in relation to this?

Tax relief is a HMRC matter and payment is not something the Trust is responsible for. Therefore, there are no plans to provide any direct payments for colleagues who will work remotely in the future as part of Hybrid Working. Colleagues who are able to work remotely as part of their role are already benefitting from the flexibility this provides.

101 - Will the Trust be running the MARS scheme prior to this implementation?

No, this project is not about a reduction of roles it is about managing the estate to maximise employment, but in a hybrid way.

100 - Will support be provided for managers who are managing teams working remotely?  Managers will have to train and support new workers and may only have one day per week with the team on site.

There are sessions being held throughout August to support leaders with the skills they need to manage in a hybrid way. The dates are as follows and can be booked via the Training Prospectus -:


3 August 2- 3pm

9 August 10 – 11am

15 August 1-2pm

31 August 9 – 10am


In September we will also publish two interactive guidebooks on the Managers and Staff Hubs to support managers and team members around hybrid working.


From September all new managers (or newly promoted managers) will also access this learning via the ARRIVE programme.

99 - What if someone lives too far from Hollins Park but wants to work in the office as part of a team?


It is unlikely that all colleagues will be in the office at the same time each day under hybrid working. Occasionally colleagues across the whole team/service will be encouraged to come together for training and team meetings and discussions should take place with your manager about appropriate venue.

98 - Will the Trust monitor whether any staff leave the Trust for reasons related to these changes?

The Trust would expect that any colleague who has specific issues or concerns with regards to the proposals within the consultation discuss these with their line manager as soon as possible with a view to find an outcome.  


We would sincerely hope that all issues can be resolved and expect managers to escalate as appropriate, so that no colleagues would see their only option as leaving the Trust.


The Trust is always interested to understand why any colleague might be looking to leave and will do all we can to support colleagues to stay.

97 - We have new teams coming together who have never met each other in person, how will we arrange this with reduced space?

The vast majority of teams in recent times have colleagues to a greater or lesser degree who have not physically met each other due to virtual working. Moving forwards all managers will need to ensure that all colleagues, whether they are newly recruited [internal or external] or substantive are able to meet up, develop and support each other. There will be a variety of ways to achieve this across the Trust. Please review the Hybrid principles which provides further information.

96 - Is it anticipated that the hybrid model will be static across the board (e.g. all corporate teams will look at 20% on site) or would this be considered on a team by team basis? 

There will be team by team and individual issues that will need to be accommodated and resolved, hence the importance that colleagues ensure they raise any concerns in their 1-to-1.

Any percentage figures outlined within the consultation are indicative only of the potential of hybrid working.

I95 - Is the consultation about hybrid working or reducing the estate and headquarter buildings?

The consultation is in regard to the closure of Liverpool Innovation Park - Babbage House and the subsequent requirements across the Trust estate. The way we are seeking to achieve this and have a much more supportive, flexible way of working is via hybrid principles.

94 - Some staff members have decreased their mileage with their car insurance company, when we started working from home thereby reducing the cost of their insurance premium.  Who will cover the cost of extra insurance premiums if mileage increases?

The difference between current home to work mileage and any new requirements from home to any new base will be covered for four years via the excess mileage process if you meet the eligibility criteria under Agenda for Change terms and conditions of service.

This is not payment for additional or extra requirements under car insurance.

93 - How will PAT testing work for equipment used at home? 

  1. As the employer we need to comply with the DSE regulations and of course ensure that the work equipment supplied to the employee for home use (Laptop and ancillary equipment) is safe to use as per any/all work equipment.
  2. Evidence of portable appliance testing on work equipment supplied would suffice as suitable means of ensuring work equipment safety – alongside ensuring the employee knows how to use and instructed never to attempt repair or use of damaged/defective equipment.

Dates for getting equipment tested will be shared via communications and the staff member would need to ensure their work equipment supplied by the Trust is tested.

21 July 2022


92 - What will be the process for ordering stationery?

The project team are setting up a task and finish group where a new process will be reviewed.

91 - Have the Trust considered the impact on the carbon footprint for the Trust?

During the planning of the hybrid working project, the Trust has explored the impact this may have on the Trusts carbon footprint by taking into consideration the carbon saved from people working remotely rather than the office. Whilst this will reduce the carbon produced from the operation of the buildings, we still need to consider the impact this will have from staff working remotely.


Upon implementation of the hybrid working model, the Trust will continue to monitor the impact on the carbon footprint. Consideration will need to be taken to minimise the impact this may have in relation to the staff’s carbon footprint increase due to increased time spent working remotely and the impact this will have on fuel usage. It is impossible to predict the impact this will have overall, but during the monitoring stage, the Trust may wish to review its stance and adapt accordingly.

Overall, with the closure of Babbage house and the subsequent moves to V7 and Hollins Park, coupled with the reduced mileage from travelling to work, theoretically, the carbon footprint should change, but it is difficult to say by how much. This will require consultations with staff to better understand the impact this has on their day to day activities throughout the year.

90 - Will there be hot desks available at HPH and other locations for staff who want to work with their team.

Hot desks will be available at some sites, subject to desk availability once we have confirmed allocations for all teams.  This will be communicated closer to the time.

Where teams are not using their allocated desks on a given day it is expected that they will allow colleagues from other teams to use these as hot desks, unless there is a good reason why this is not possible (e.g. confidentiality).

89 - Will the phlebotomy admin team be asked to take on any additional work as a result of the move?

No. This proposal is outside of this process and no longer being considered as a transfer of phlebotomy admin to the SPC team.

88 - Some of the clinical teams require their admin staff on the same site as them to allow them to do their work can the plans be reviewed to consider this as it will impact clinical staff?

Admin clerks will have hot desk facilities and hybrid working opportunities in both Goodlass Road and V7 buildings.

87 - What is the process for collating themes from 1-1s?

Line Managers are asked to keep a record of the meeting (on the one to one template) and to capture each team member’s views even if they are happy with the proposed changes.


All one-to-one forms should be sent by managers to the relevant HR lead:

Mid Mersey Division- MidMerseyHRTeam@merseycare.nhs.uk

Corporate Division-    corporateand.imsickness@merseycare.nhs.uk

Community Division- BusinessHuman.Resources@merseycare.nhs.uk

Step 2

When all one-to-ones are carried out complete the issues summary sheet should be completed and sent to the

Hybrid Working Project Team: hybridworkingprojectteam@merseycare.nhs.uk

Step 3

Complete Team Planning Template (Alongside 1-1s) this should be shared with your Senior Leadership Team

Step 4

When all 1-1s are carried out complete the Team Planning Summary and send to your Senior Leadership Team or executive

All forms and templates can be found using the following link: https://yourspace.merseycare.nhs.uk/hybrid-working

86 - Some types of work are better suited to be done face to face (eg relating and link learning work) will spaces be designed to facilitate training, team development and similar activities?

Where it is possible spaces will be available for collaborative activities and training (for example, meeting rooms, training rooms and more informal spaces).  Unfortunately the project team is limited to what can be facilitated within the existing buildings and there is currently no capital funding available to redesign building layouts to make them more effective for colleagues’ needs. 


85 - Why can’t ICRAS hybrid work? We have been told not to work hybrid.


ICRAS are a reactive, urgent service. ICRAS are currently working with NHSI to step up their two hour response offer and would be expected to respond immediately. The service takes calls throughout the day from GPs, step down coordinators and discharge matrons as well as patients and families. If staff are on site they can be mobilised quickly; if the service has to ring around to see who is available this could add delays. Staff with further questions should contact their line manager.

15 July 2022


84 - Would the Trust consider providing a community/pool car for their staff to use?

We are exploring a number of options at the moment. No firm proposals have yet been agreed but ideas are coming forward, any suggestions are welcome for consideration.

83 - Is there a way as a Trust we could support "pop up" office spaces? By this I mean places we could book as a team to come together and these places may not be Trust owned / leased?

As a Trust we have a number of meeting rooms across the estate that can be booked via the SharePoint room booking system. Access to space in non

Trust owned/leased building will continue to be explored.

82 - Will there be an opportunity to re do the hybrid working staff survey which was completed last year as the situation may have changed for some staff?

The Trust has made the decision to not do this at this present time but instead take on board and respond to individual staff and concerns which will be raised during the 1-1 sessions.

81 - Is there lockers available at Puma Court for staff?

There is some locker availability on the Puma Court site. The project team will review any additional requirements.

80 - Will we need to ensure that any materials currently at our existing base are packed up and moved to our new one?

Prior to the moves taking place, staff will be asked to pack up all personal belongings and team materials.  They will also be asked to dispose of any items which are no longer required. Crates and boxes will be provided as well as bags for confidential and general waste.

Teams will not be expected to move the crates and boxes themselves; a removal firm will be hired to do this.

79 - How many desks will be allocated to my team, will there be an increase in the numbers we had during Covid?

Discussions have taken place with team managers to determine an appropriate number of desks for each team/service.  These numbers take into account the expectation of hybrid working for a majority of staff, as we want to maximise space and avoid desks sitting empty on a regular basis.

We appreciate that staff from some teams have expressed concern about restricted desk numbers during Covid.  Desk numbers have been allocated on the assumption that safe distancing will no longer be a requirement in the long term.  However, at the time of the moves there will be a need to adhere to IPC guidance in place at that time which could potentially impact desk numbers.

Once desk layouts have been finalised, they will be shared with team managers who can then cascade to their teams.

78 - Has the Trust costed the impact of these changes?

Following on from the acquisition of both Liverpool Community Health and Northwest Boroughs the Trust acquired two additional headquarter buildings. There is a significant cost in leasing both Liverpool Innovation Park and V7. The covid pandemic clearly demonstrates that it is possible for large groups of staff to work on a hybrid basis. Subsequently in a questionnaire that was responded to by over 900 affected staff out of an eligible1250 staff, clearly stated that they wanted to continue with hybrid working. On this basis a decision was taken to facilitate hybrid working. We are able to therefore close one of the three headquarter buildings namely Liverpool Innovation Park. This will generate savings to the Trust of approximately £1.2M per annum. Our aim in doing so is to respond positively to the preferences of staff and to reduce expenditure on estate in order to safeguard clinical services and jobs.

77 - Is there air conditioning or fans available at Hollins Park House?

There is no air conditioning at Hollins Park House. windows can be opened for ventilation. Guidance will need to be sought from IPCC about the use of fans.

76 - Is there parking spaces available at Hollins Park and allocated disabled car parking spaces?

Parking is available at Hollins Park, this includes 18 disabled parking bays.

75 - Is there charging points available at Hollins Park for Hybrid cars?

Yes, there are 6 EV charging Points at Hollins Park. They are available on a first come first served basis however staff are required to relocate their car once it is charged. The EV points at Hollins Park House are activated using a card, the cards can be accessed via the hospital reception or estates reception.

Estates are also currently in the process of reviewing the EV provision on all sites.

74 - Do people’s home insurance cover them for working from home?

Colleagues will need to be clear with their insurance provider. However, they will not be working from home under a permanent contract change. It will be Hybrid working to include as appropriate working remotely.

73 - When do the 1 to 1s have to be completed by? Is there a deadline.

1-1 Consultations are to be held as soon as possible to allow time to respond to any issues that may arise. Please ensure they are completed before the consultation period ends on 12 August 2022 and where possible at least one week before the consultation period ends to allow for a definite response to any queries raised.

72 - Will I sit with my current team in my new base?


Each team will have an allocation of desks provided at the team base.  Teams will be able to sit with their colleagues within this allocated area. 

In the event that on a particular day there are more team members on site than desks available, alternative solutions will need to be sought; for example, utilising meeting rooms or seeking permission from other teams to utilise desks in their areas.  On some sites there may also be ‘hot desks’ available for all teams to utilise as required.

71 - What are the opening times at each building?

V7 and Puma Court are both 24-hour buildings. Procedures for accessing these buildings out of hours may differ to those during office hours and will be agreed and communicated prior to staff moves.

Hollins Park House is open between 7am and 7:15-8pm Monday to Friday.  The building is closed on a Saturday and Sunday unless there is a specific request for the site to be opened and closed.

For any staff who need to be on site out of hours, the nearby Hollins Park Hospital is open 24 hours.

70 - Can you provide some clarity around the additional travel time to our new base and if this will be included within our working day?

Travel time to attend an office is not encompassed within the core contractual hours.

69 - Are there canteen facilities available at each of the sites?

Canteen facilities are available on the Hollins Park site for staff to use.  These are located in the main building and serves fresh hot food daily, cooked in house and also sandwiches. You can either eat in or take away and there is also an outside seating area.

There are no canteen facilities available at V7 or Puma Court.  However, there are daily food vans which visit both buildings as well as a number of places to eat within a couple of minutes’ travelling distance by car, for example Starbucks. 

68 - I feel that the Trust has taken advantage of Covid to save money and using this to close buildings.  If it had not been for Covid, would hybrid working have been implemented?

The covid pandemic clearly demonstrates that it is possible for large groups of staff to work on a hybrid basis. Subsequently in a questionnaire that was responded to by over 900 affected staff out of an eligible1250 staff, clearly stated that they wanted to continue with hybrid working. On this basis a decision was taken to facilitate hybrid working.

We are able to therefore close one of the three headquarter buildings namely Liverpool Innovation Park and this will generate savings to the Trust of approximately £1.2M per annum. Our aim in doing so is to respond positively to the preferences of staff and to reduce expenditure on estate in order to safeguard clinical services and jobs.

67 - Is there any plans for staff safety while travelling? Or when it is winter time and they have to wait for transportation in low footfall areas?

It is not the responsibility of the Trust on how staff get to and from work. However, if colleagues have specific suggestions where a number of colleagues may benefit we will review them.

66 - Does the lone working policy come into effect when working from home?

As an employer, you must manage any health and safety risks before people can work alone. This applies to anyone contracted to work for you, including self-employed people. 

Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision, for example:

  • as delivery drivers, health workers or engineers
  • as security staff or cleaners
  • in warehouses or petrol stations
  • at home

This is only guidance from the HSE. Please see below with a video for the employer /managers

Lone workers: how employers should protect them - Overview - HSE

Below is the link for colleagues to look at their responsibilities

Lone workers – your health and safety responsibilities (hse.gov.uk)

8 July 2022


65 - Will printing facilities be available when we move into the new site?

Printing facilities will be available at all sites including V7, Hollins Park and Puma Court, eventually as the network switchover for printers is part of a larger endpoint migration that is currently on going within IM and forms part of the NWB transaction. The aim is to have the printing facilities in place for when the moves relating to the Hybrid Working Project are complete.

64 - How will systems issues/ equipment failures be addressed for those working from home?

These will be addressed in line with the processes that have been followed/implemented throughout the pandemic when majority of staff were required to work from home. This can be done using the self-service icon on your desktop.

63 - Why do salary and banding need to be included within the template on the consultation?

The template is used for all manner of Organisational Change projects and certain questions will not be relevant to the context of every project. Colleagues need only provide detail relevant to the specific project.

62 - Will there be expenses for fuel? During hybrid working we are visiting patients straight from our home base and are not being reimbursed.

Re-imbursement for mileage is defined by our terms and conditions of employment. MCFT pays above the HMRC rate already to support additional costs. Mileage can only be claimed from the colleague’s formal base, which would not [in the majority of situations] be the home.

The Executive team continue to discuss the current issues around the cost of living, and rising fuel prices, and the impact this is having on many colleagues.

The Executive team has agreed to increase the existing fuel payment after 4,500 miles and up to 10,000 miles from 20p to 45p with effect from 1 July 2022.

The Trust currently pays 56p per mile for up to 4,500 miles, which is an increase on the NHS Agenda for Change (AFC) which is for the first 3,500 miles and 20p for each additional mile thereafter.

On 1 April 2022, the Executive Team introduced a fuel support offer which was due to end on 30 June 2022. It has been agreed that this offer will be extended until 30 September 2022.

The support offered is:

  1. Advances for fuel between 1 July 2022 and 30 September 2022 – one advance per colleague (if you have not previously received one)
  2. Support from the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

For those who drive as part of their working day, we have looked at how we can help support you during this difficult period and have agreed that we will provide a payment in advance based on the last three months average of a colleagues travel claims. This can then be paid back over a six month period starting in October 2022 pay. You must continue to submit your travel claims each month to be reimbursed for your travel expenses.

To request this advance your manager needs to complete the vehicle fuel support form with you and request details of your last three months claims, to be able to work out your average claim.

The Trust has also commissioned the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) to deliver confidential appointments for staff over the next six months, providing access to specialist advice services. You will be able to discuss a range of topics that may be impacting on your wellbeing, including money and finance issues, housing, employment, relationships and much more.  

Our Wellbeing Hub also offers information and tools to help you further understand your benefit eligibility, and offers support through loans and financial education .

If you are affected by this, please ask your manager for a Health and Wellbeing conversation and if require support through our Staff Support Services, they can be contacted in confidence on 0151 330 8103 (Switch House) or 01925 664010 (Hollins Park).

61 - If the Trust want us to hybrid work then why should we only have one base?

There has to be a base for practical purposes, like mileage claims. However, in practice Hybrid working will result in colleagues working regularly from more than one base.

60 - Will there be guidance provided regarding providing support to new and junior staff whilst hybrid working?

Hybrid working in itself is not why we need support mechanisms in place to manage colleagues from a variety of locations, remote from a team base.

Service leads need to be clear in regard to Trust-wide and local induction processes, supervision, 1-to-1 support, Performance management, regular team meetings.

59 - Will we have a choice of buildings to work from as part of consultation?

Colleagues are encouraged to engage in the 1-to-1 process and express their wishes/needs to managers. This may be in regard to difficulties in attending a particular building, but it will not be about colleague choice it is more about agreeing the need and accessibility. Certain services within Liverpool Innovation Park are being engaged in regard to the potential to move to other Liverpool based locations.

58 - Are we required to ask staff to bring a union representative with them to the 1-1 meeting?

Colleagues have the opportunity to be supported at their 1-to-1 if they wish to. They should make such arrangements themselves to tie into the scheduled meeting.

57 - Are any of the factors given by individuals as part of consultation taken into consideration?

All comments, concerns and questions will be considered within the consultation.

56 - Has consideration been made of the need for an appropriate space to conduct ID checks as part of Recruitment?

All service and colleague specific requirements should be raised with your manager during your 1-to-1 to ensure they are captured and an appropriate solution actioned.

55 - Hollins Park’s IT network is not great and loses connection a lot, are there any plans to address this?

There are plans in place to upgrade the comms cabinets as part of the project, which should hopefully assist with increasing the reliability of the network, as well as providing more capacity. The project also looks to install mobile phone signal boosters to positively impact the signal issues that are faced on site.

54 - My team is based in the community in Liverpool. Will a building be available in central Liverpool to work from?

We are working on identifying appropriate alternative accommodation for clinical services teams based in Liverpool. We are well advanced to have a base in central Liverpool. Any concerns regarding suggested alternative bases should be discussed with your manager during your 1:1.

53 - Can safety huddles be conducted over Teams?

Yes. Many teams already utilise Teams for Safety Huddles.

52 - Is it possible to have equipment storage facilities within Liverpool that can be accessed when required urgently without the need to travel to V7?

Yes. We are currently reviewing what storage facilities are available across the Liverpool patch to avoid staff travelling to and from V7.

51 - Occupational Health are concerned about increased traffic through our clinical area, confidentiality for staff engaging in any kind of treatment, and increased noise caused by use of a kitchen area.

The project team are aware of the issue of increased traffic through the corridor leading to Occupational Health and hosting offices for OH staff (NB this is not the corridor featuring clinic rooms). 

This is a difficult issue to solve as there are a number of rooms which can only be accessed by walking through this corridor, including two offices and a room currently intended to be a meeting room/Gold Command room. Unfortunately, no other appropriate rooms on site have been identified which meet the requirements for this function. 

We are looking at this issue and will consider ways in which traffic can be reduced in this area.

50 - Will there be ‘resource hubs’ available for printing/photocopying and accessing stationery?  This needs to be available in a confidential and conducive environment.

Printing/photocopying hubs are in place at V7, and similarly there are dedicated rooms at Hollins Park House dedicated to printing and photocopying.

Arrangements for stationery purchase and distribution at each site will be discussed by a ‘Task and Finish Group’ which will be established soon to look at operational issues.

49 - Where is it proposed that mandatory training that usually takes place at Babbage house, for example CPR, take place?

We are scoping out alternative venues across the Trust, we already use Lifehouse. Training rooms will remain at Hollins Park and looking to utilise rooms at V7 for training purposes, also reviewing training room capacity across venues within Divisions to deliver be-spoke training more locally.

48 - Will there be other methods of communication considered during the consultation as not everyone has regular access to the intranet?

Paper copies will be made available in the kitchen/reception areas at the following sites V7, Babbage House and Puma Court. The FAQs will be updated weekly and new copies made available at the end of each week.

47 - Can we visit the site we are moving to?

Once floor plans have been confirmed with room/desk allocations, team managers will have the opportunity to arrange a visit to the site they are moving to. This should be coordinated with the site manager or another appropriate individual based on site.  Please bear in mind that the buildings are currently in use and as far as possible avoid disruption to staff on site. 

During the period of Estates works at Hollins Park House visits can not be facilitated due to H&S requirements.

46 - My team wants to be together in the office more, can this be facilitated?

Mersey Care encourages teams to spend time together in person as it more easily facilitates collaboration, team development and learning.

Managers should discuss with their teams ways to facilitate time together while also practising hybrid working, and allowing for the reduction in estate. 

Examples of approaches taken by teams to date include booking meeting rooms for regular face-to-face team meetings and setting up a rota system between multiple teams to ensure that each are able to come in regularly and have access to enough desks to accommodate all team members.

45 - Will additional pods be provided for use when joining Teams meetings?

When Babbage House closes there will be a number of pods available which we can relocate to other sites.  The Estates team will need to identify appropriate spaces where the pods will fit, so until that work has been completed we cannot say where the pods will be placed.

44 - Is there a list of available of training and meeting rooms on all Trust sites and are there any plans to standardise booking off these rooms?

Currently there is not a full list available of training and meeting rooms on all Trust sites. However, booking details for rooms on a number of sites are listed on YourSpace: https://yourspace.merseycare.nhs.uk/room-booking

The Trust may in future consider launching a project to look at Trust-wide availability of training and meeting rooms.

43 - When will floor plans be available to see where teams will be based?

Floor plans are currently in the process of development.  In the first instance they will be shared with team/service managers, who will have the opportunity to give feedback and request changes where necessary.  This process is already nearing completion for Hollins Park House, and a number of changes to the plans have been made based on feedback by managers.

Once the plans have been finalised they will be sent out to all team managers to share with their teams.

42 - Will printing facilities be available when we move into the new site?

Printing facilities will be available at all sites including V7, Hollins Park and Puma Court, eventually as the network switchover for printers is part of a larger endpoint migration that is currently on going within IM and forms part of the NWB transaction. The aim is to have the printing facilities in place for when the moves relating to the Hybrid Working Project are complete.

4 July 2022

41 - I currently have a reasonable adjustment to my working practices [or a HR27 in place or a formal Risk Assessment], will this be taken into consideration? Yes, if a colleague needs reasonable adjustments to be made to facilitate him or her working in an office environment, this will be reviewed and facilitated as required. This will be addressed on an individual basis in line with Trust policy and procedures.
40 - Will any changes be made to staff contracts? A formal change of base is a change to your contractual position and would need to be recorded for mileage allowances and / or claims covered by Agenda for Change and any other purposes.
39 - Have staff side been involved within the process? Yes – Staff Side colleagues are part of the working group leading on this project and will be fully engaged throughout the consultation period.
38 - Will the Trust ensure that staff working from home have the right equipment?

It is expected that staff who have been working from home throughout the pandemic will already have appropriate equipment at home. Any individuals who do not should speak to their line manager. 

Any staff who have not previously worked from home and who begin to do so as part of the roll-out of hybrid working should discuss required equipment with their managers as part of the consultation process.

Managers should ensure that all staff who are working from home have DSE assessments completed.

37- When will the Hybrid Working Policy be shared? The Hybrid Policy is still in development. However, we aim to produce practical guidance material. Once the policy is agreed with Staff Side and via the Trust Policy Group, it will be communicated across the Trust. Whilst the policy is being developed the substantive policies within the Trust allow for movement of colleagues across locations via consultation.  
36 - Do all staff have to complete one to ones? Colleagues should complete 1-1s if they need to ensure any reasonable adjustments and current flexible arrangements are captured. However, it is not compulsory for all staff to have one. If staff don’t come forward to complete 1-1 and you are aware they have arrangements in place then it is important to prompt colleagues who have reasonable adjustments in place and/or flexible working arrangements.
35 - If the Trust want us to hybrid work then why should we only have one base? Colleagues need to have a base for mileage purposes predominantly but also to ensure they have a team/service base. It would not be manageable for colleagues to have multiple bases.
34 - What are the timelines for the moves?

Team relocations will be undertaken in a staged approach between August and October 2022.  Dates will depend upon a number of factors including the outcome of the consultation process and completion of estates works – for example, moves into Hollins Park House will not take place until the building reopens in early September 2022. 

All moves must be completed by 31 October 2022 in order to enable the emptying of Babbage House prior to the lease expiry on 1 January 2023.

33 - What do you mean by hybrid working? Hybrid working is a form of flexible working (agreed with Line Managers, Service and Colleagues), where colleagues spend some of their time working remotely (usually, but not necessarily from home) and some on trust premises.  
32 - I have heard IM are getting paid for working remotely There has been a long standing local agreement for a monthly payment of £15 paid to a small group of staff (approximately 20) who form part of an on-call technical rota, for services such as Voice and Data and Technical Services.

This arrangement is not related to the working from home arrangements adopted during the Covid-19 pandemic and no NHS Informatics Merseyside staff receive payments towards home broadband due to the working from home instruction.

31 - Will I be able to return to my existing office In Hollins Park House when it reopens?

Due to the planned relocation of staff from V7 and Babbage House to Hollins Park House, rooms at Hollins Park House will be reallocated prior to the reopening of the building.  It is not necessarily the case that individuals will return to work from the same office they left.

30 - Will the Trust provide screens and docking stations for all desks? Currently some desks do not have this equipment as It has been utilised for home working.

IT equipment for desks at all sites will be reviewed as part of the planned moves.  

We will be talking to line managers in the near future regarding their IT requirements.

29 - Will hybrid working be rolled out to all staff across the Trust where their role allows including those staff that are not included within the scope of these moves?

Hybrid working will be available as an option for all staff across the Trust where it is suitable for their job role. It is acknowledged that some roles do not suit hybrid working, for example receptionists and nurses working on a ward.




28 - Are there currently any plans for Baird House to close along with Babbage house as they are both at Liverpool Innovation Park?

There are currently no plans for Baird House to close.

27 - How will the consultation work?

The consultation will commence on 22 June 2022 and will last for 45 days. A consultation document will be available at the beginning of the process outlining the proposal. There will be an opportunity for 1-1s with your line manager. Where any issues will be considered. There will also be consultation meetings will all the various teams.

26 - Who is in and out of scope for these moves?

All staff located at V7, Babbage house, Hollins park and Puma Court.


25 - Will it be possible to utilise meeting rooms on other Trust sites and what is the process for this?

There are meeting rooms available on many Trust sites and staff will continue to be able to make use of these where appropriate. There is a booking system specific to each main facility which should be utilised to book a room.

24 - Will staff receive excess mileage payments for travel to their new base?

Yes, in line with Trust policy colleagues will receive mileage for a four-year period if the new journey exceeds their substantive journey.

23 - What meeting and training facilities will be available at Hollins Park House and V7?

The project team are looking at options to maximise the available meeting and training facilities at Hollins Park House and V7.  However, we will not be able to replicate the current amount of available meeting rooms given the closure of Babbage House.

The training rooms within the Education Centre at Hollins Park House will remain available. As many other meeting rooms and spaces as possible will be facilitated within the building.

At V7 all current meeting rooms will remain open and we have identified another room which will be converted into a meeting room.

Following the emptying of Babbage House, there will be several pods available.  The Estates team will look at the viability of relocating some of these pods to both V7 and Hollins Park House. 

22 - What storage facilities will be available?

There will be storage facilities available at all sites.  Storage requirements will be discussed with team managers prior to moves taking place.

21 - Will there be any reimbursement for working from home as some people cannot afford it?

No additional payments have been agreed for staff who decide to work from home. The executive team will keep this under review.

20 - What support will there be for people’s mental health whilst working from home?

No member of staff will be working at home full time. There is an expectation that all colleagues will come to their base on a regular basis to meet with colleagues and carry out specific pieces of work. This will be an opportunity for line managers to discuss any individual concerns that a staff member might have. Support is always available from occupational health service and if necessary, a colleague can request to work from their work base on a more regular basis.

19 - Why is the executive base going to be Warrington and not somewhere central?

The executive team will have offices in Hollins Park House and will also utilise offices in V7.

18 - How will desks be allocated to each service team?

Desk numbers have been discussed with team managers to consider the requirements of each team and the roll out of hybrid working. 

Desks will not normally be allocated to individuals, except in circumstances where they are either expected to be utilising these desks full-time five days per week, or where they require specialist equipment or reasonable adjustments.

17 - Do all staff have to adopt hybrid working? Is there an opportunity for some teams to be based from home full time?

No member of staff will be allowed to work from home full time. The executive team take the view that all colleagues should come in to the office base on a regular basis to engage with other colleagues and the supportive network this provides. Hybrid working i.e. working from home and the office is an individual choice and will be supported if the work role allows. It is not compulsory for a colleague to work from home and if a colleague wants a permanent office base this will be facilitated.

16 - Have infection prevention and control measures been considered when allocating desks?

Updated IPC guidance issued on 7 June 2022 states. that in non-clinical areas “the requirement to maintain safe distancing will be removed”.  As a result of this, there will be no need to reduce desk numbers allocated to each team to allow for safe distancing. 

Masks will continue to be provided for any staff who wish to wear them. In the event that COVID-19 cases increase and IPC guidance changes, these desk allocations may need to be reviewed.

Any staff with concerns should speak to their line manager.

15 - Will shuttle buses for staff be considered to take us from one site to another?

This is not something that has previously been requested, if sufficient staff requested it then it will be considered.

14 - What is the overall estates strategy for Community Services?

The Trust Estates Strategy is to develop the highest quality estate in the smallest possible footprint. The Community Division is commencing a significant period of change during which we will better understand the true estates requirements of our new clinical models as they continue to embed and develop. We cannot guarantee at this stage that locations will not shift and change in order to support service delivery

13 - Has car parking been taken into consideration at these sites?

Free car parking is available at Hollins Park House, V7 and Puma Court.

Through the pandemic, there have been few issues with car parking at these sites as they have not been busy.  We recognise that this may change as staff return to the office, however with the roll out of hybrid working it is difficult to know how many cars will be present at each site on a daily basis. 


12 - Will business continuity plans be reviewed following the moves/hybrid working?

Good practice is for BCPs to be reviewed as a minimum annually or in line with any significant change or event impacting on the service. Service Leads will be tasked with ensuring that BCPs continue to relevant and effective following a change of base or amendments to working practices.

11 - What will the reception arrangements be at each site?

V7 currently has a reception area which will remain open.

There are currently no plans to put new reception areas in to Puma Court or Hollins Park House.

10 - Are there enough desks for staff to choose not to work from home?

It is acknowledged that hybrid working is not suitable for all staff.  Some staff will be unable to work from home due to the nature of their roles, while others will choose not to work from home due to personal circumstances or preferences.

Based on the results of the survey conducted in 2021 of staff based at V7, Hollins Park House and Babbage House, it is believed that a significant majority of staff will be happy to work from home for part of the week.  In addition, many staff who are not working from home will also not be in attendance at the office on any given day, for example those working in clinics, visiting patients in their home or hot desking at other Trust sites.  For these reasons we expect that there will be sufficient desks available for those staff who require them.

9 - Will there be DSE assessments completed for staff working from new buildings?

A request for a DSE will be from the staff member, and any request will be sanctioned via the Divisional Safety Advisor, who will send out the self-assessment document and when returned the Advisor will review, and if required attend the site or home and carry out the formal assessment, if specialist equipment is needed, then the advisor will arrange for this to be carried out, following the agreement with their Line manager.

8 - When will the moves take place and when will we be given details of our new office?

Staff moves will begin in August 2022 with the first teams relocating from Puma Court and Babbage House to V7.

Hollins Park House will reopen in early September and corporate staff will then move into the building.

Further team moves from Babbage House will continue until the end of October 2022.

Proposals for team areas will be shared with team managers in the first instance and once confirmed will then be shared with staff in advance of their team moves.

7 - Will there be an IT training suite at V7?

Yes, both IT training suites will remain in place.

6 - Is V7 up for sale and will Mersey Care be buying it or extending the lease?

V7 is not up for sale. MCFT are in the process of renewing the lease.

5 - Will any savings made from these changes be used to improve care and service delivery for our patients?

Mersey Care will save approximately £1.2m per annum from the lease costs for Babbage house. This money will be reinvested to support the provision of clinical services.

4 - Do Mersey Care Laptops have sim cards to allow you to work from mobile data? NWB Laptops used to have this.

Laptops will have SIM but will not be activated unless specifically requested for each of them.  There is a cost per SIM of £5 per month which the service would pay for.

3 - Will Commissioners and Health Watch be informed that their Head Office is moving away from their patients?

All stakeholders including Commissioners and Health Watch will be informed of all service relocations.

2 - What works are being completed at Hollins Park House?


The works to be carried out at Hollins Park House include:

Installation of new LED lighting throughout the building

Installation of a new kitchen area

Redecoration where required

New flooring where required

New ceiling tiles where required

New office furniture throughout the building

1 -What do you mean in terms of hybrid working?

There is currently a hybrid working policy under review by the executive team.