Easy read is information presented in an accessible format that allows service users to gain more understanding than from a normal document. Simple, plain English is used along with imagery and clear formatting to hopefully enable service users to understand the information and therefore make informed decisions.

Individuals with speech, language and communication needs, as well as those with learning difficulties / disabilities (such as dyslexia, autism, receptive language impairments etc) may prefer easy read information due to the simplified nature of the documents.

The Clinical Support Team are here to support you with creating easy read documents as well as your local speech and language therapy team.

Easy read training sessions are also avaliable if you are creating your own documents and can be booked on in the prospectus is section 4.

NHS is required to present information in accessible formats to allow all service users to understand the information they receive and make informed decisions. Mersey Care strives to ensure that our service users have access to information about our services, their care and treatment.

We are currently undergoing a review of its easy read information, whereby we are gaining feedback from our staff and service users around the way we are currently producing easy read documents, with a view to standardise the easy read information the trust produces.

The current symbol sets we use are:

  • Boardmaker

  • Photosymbols

  • Easyonthei