The Trust's Resuscitation Team provides a specialist clinical service. 

Resuscitation guidelines updated for 2021

The Resuscitation Council UK has published updated guidelines for 2021, covering best practice and clinical excellence in resuscitation across all age groups. View information around the updated guidelines and what these changes mean for you.

How to contact a member of the Resuscitation Team

For advice regarding training or the resuscitation equipment within your department a member of the team can be contacted via email.

For all queries relating to resuscitation please contact:

Name Email
Maresa Johnson
Janice Edwards
Lynsey Appleby

Chloe Jones
David Harrison
Ian Threfall
Emily Ranson
Lee Callister
Emma Ramsaran

Resuscitation training courses

Resuscitation Training courses provided by the team include:

  • Adult Basic Life Support
  • Adult Immediate Life Support - Resuscitation Council (UK) accredited
  • Paediatric Basic Life Support
  • Paediatric Immediate Life Support - Resuscitation Council (UK) accredited

Courses can be booked via ESR/OLM.  Ensure that you have approval from your manager prior to booking a place.


Training and support

The strategy for resuscitation training embodies the most recent guidelines and statements published by the Resuscitation Council (UK).

Training will incorporate the identification of patients at risk from cardiac arrest and preventative measures such as Early Warning Systems.

The specific level of training required by staff is determined by their respective professional bodies and/or the duties those staff would be expected to undertake when in attendance at a cardiac arrest.

It is the responsibility of departmental managers to ensure that any of his/her clinical and clinical support staff attend training appropriate to their role.

All newly appointed Trust employees must receive resuscitation training as part of their corporate induction programme.  Local induction must include how to summon help using the appropriate emergency system (eg 999), the location, contents and checking procedure of the emergency resuscitation trolley/bag.

Staff carrying out immunisations or administering drugs (including local anaesthetics) will be trained in the management of anaphylaxis in accordance with the current Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines.

All clinical staff must as a minimum be able to:

  • Recognise cardiorespiratory arrest
  • Summon help
  • Start CPR
  • Attempt defibrillation, if appropriate, within three minutes of the patient collapsing using an automated external defibrillator.


Useful links

Below you can find useful links and information relating to resuscitation.