Publish date: 16 August 2021

“I am extremely proud to be the lead Executive Director with responsibility for our Freedom to Speak Up (FTSU) Programme at Mersey Care. Being executively responsible for a number of corporate areas at the trust, I see every day the huge impact that great leadership can and does make in the way we deliver our services and our care.

Whilst we have great practice and support across the trust, sometimes things don’t go according to plan and when this happens, we need to make sure that lessons are learned and that things are improved.

Even when things are good, they may be able to be even better and as we continue on our never ending journey towards perfect care, we should all feel able to say something that might improve things and then be confident that our suggestion will be heard and acted upon.

To support this positive culture at Mersey Care, it is fantastic that we have our brilliantly approachable Freedom to Speak Up Guardians in place to be able to hear your concerns and support you in resolving and learning from issues and concerns.

Our FTSU team is led by Steve Morgan, a former mental health nurse and he is supported by a great team of people including the newly honoured Bernie Rochford who was awarded a MBE in the latest Queen’s Birthday Honours for her service to the NHS in supporting the establishment of the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian network.

The whole FTSU team is passionate about hearing and acting upon concerns and to supporting managers and leaders across the trust to not just listen but to truly hear what people are saying to them.

With their support, we are well on our way to becoming the Trust that we all want to be a part of, not only for ourselves and each other, but for the many thousands of service users, patients and families and friends for whom we provide support and care.

If you haven’t yet met our FTSU Guardians, then please do make some time to say hello if they are around.”

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Elaine Darbyshire

Executive Director