Publish date: 17 October 2023

Stephen Halsall 1.pngStephen Halsall, Team Manager for the Neuromodulation service has retired after over 30 years in the NHS.

Stephen worked as a nurse across community and inpatient areas with most of his work within the ECT service as lead nurse and team manager. Stephen has been a forerunner of ETC development within Mersey Care but also nationally. Recently being recognised for a lifetime achievement award from NALNECT, which was a true reflection on his invaluable influence on ECT across the nation.

During his time within ECT Stephen has been the spearhead of the TMS development within the organisation and without his drive and influence the expansion of the service to become the neuromodulation service and TMS research department would have been much harder to achieve.

He has been a fundamental part of the service and will be fondly missed by his colleagues.

We wish him the best of luck with his retirement and we look forward to hearing about all his adventures over in Spain!


Stephen Halsall 2.png