Publish date: 10 November 2022

Dear colleague,

Further to my recent communications in respect of the Whalley site retraction and the new Low Secure Unit, Aspen Wood, I am pleased to be able to confirm a bespoke (two year) incentive offer for colleagues who wish to move to Aspen Wood with the LSU. This offer has been carefully thought out and developed in order to encourage as many Whalley colleagues as possible to move to Aspen Wood to continue to support our service users. We recognise the distance between sites and therefore is proposed that:

    • Secure Care division colleagues on the Whalley site (excluding registered nurses) will receive:  A payment of £1000 following 3 months of completed transfer to Aspen Wood and a further payment of £1000 at 12 months and at 24 months (total of £3000 over 2 years)
    • Whalley based registered nurses will receive: A payment of £1500 following 3 months completed transfer to Aspen Wood and a further payment of £1500 at 12 months and 24 months (total of £4500 over 2 years)

This incentive offer is a critical factor in ensuring experienced clinicians who live a significant distance from Aspen Wood choose continue on their journey with the low secure service from Maplewood to Aspen Wood. It is very important for Learning Disability patients to have consistent familiar staff especially during a period of significant transition. This incentive is intended to retain and minimise the loss of valuable skills and expertise of the current Whalley workforce, whist maintaining safe staffing levels and I hope supports colleagues to remain with the service.

This incentive is being offered alongside excess mileage which is payable in line with Agenda for Change Terms and conditions for a period of up to 4 years from the date of transfer. The division have also secured agreement that colleagues who are promoted within the division during this period will retain the protection of excess mileage.

Should you have any queries or wish to discuss this further please approach your line manager in the first instance.

Many thanks

Steve Newton

Divisional Director of Secure Care