Cash coming into the Trust is essential to enable it to function, to pay salaries and suppliers. 

The majority of the Trust's income comes from commissioners, either Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) and the Department of Health, with other services purchased by Local Authorities and other funding such as training income from Health Education England (HEE).  In addition to these income streams, the Trust will also raise invoices to organisations for other services provided and to individuals for the likes of salary sacrifice and salary overpayment recovery.

If you require an invoice raising, complete and save the debtor request template, and email to the Income Section:

  • Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) - Block contracts/Out of Area Treatment
  • Local Authorities - Block contracts/staff recharges
  • NHS Trusts - Service Level Agreements/staff recharges etc.
  • NHS Foundation Trusts - Service Level Agreements/staff recharges etc.
  • Companies - Occupational Health services
  • Individuals - for services provided, e.g. dental treatment
  • Staff - recharge for salary overpayments/salary sacrifice charges

  • Accuracy of the debtor's full name and address
  • Contact details, mobile numbers, e-mail address etc.
  • Prompt requests - the sooner we receive the request and are able to raise the invoice, the greater the likelihood of prompt payment
  • Ensure the amount to be invoiced and the description are checked and if possible, agreed with the debtor in advance
  • If the invoice relates to a contract, SLA or other agreement with a third party, ensure that payment terms are agreed in advance and that invoices are then raised in accordance with these terms