Publish date: 27 February 2023

Following the replacement of all Blood Glucose Monitors across the trust to the GlucoRx HCT machine, the arrangements and contract for the External Quality Assessment (EQA) will change. As of March 2023, this will be delivered by Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trustt.

At the beginning of March all staff who are in receipt of a device will receive an email from Qpoint with instructions on how to create a new account which gives staff access to a portal for results to be uploaded on.  There will be no longer the need to return the cards or send emails with results on. 

If you do not receive this email (please also check in junk file), contact the with BGM as the title of the email and include your BM machine serial number.  This can be found on the back of the meter see below, please also provide your name work address and line manager.

The samples will be sent out shortly after to your registered base.  These samples do not require to be stored in a fridge and should not be shared with other colleagues.

Any changes (including change of base, staff leaving the trust) must be reported back to to ensure the trust data base is kept up to date.  If you are moving to another team or leaving the trust the device must be handed back to your line manager so that this can be reallocated.

Further help on creating an account can be found at:

Contact Details for QPoint: By Email: or phone: 01252335396

If you need further advice or information, please contact: