PACE 365 is Mersey Care’s appraisal system. It’s content has been designed to provide you and your reviewer with an engaging and meaningful appraisal.  Together you can reflect on your performance and plan your objectives for the year ahead.  You can also feedback to your reviewer about how things are going in your team and share your ideas.  Finally, you can plan and agree your own personal and career development in the Learning and Development Plan.

To gain access to the system you just need to create own profile on the home page.    The preferred internet browser for PACE 365 is Microsoft Edge as it won’t load with internet explorer browser.  You will find the Edge icon on your desktop or taskbar at the bottom of your screen or search for it in your programs.  When you have loaded the Edge page navigate onto the Mersey Care home page. If you have any system issues or questions about the process, please contact

If you are using PACE 365 for the first time and are not sure what appraisal is. You can choose what type of support you need to help you. We offer Reviewer and Reviewee virtual training which is bookable through section 3 of the Learning and Development Prospectus   

  • Reviewer training is for managers and leaders and will help them prepare for a meaningful appraisal with their team. This includes a quick tour of the system
  • Reviewee training is for all team members and helps your prepare for your PACE and also provides a more in-depth look at the system.
  • On the PACE home page there are also a number of guides you can follow, and other useful documents are located in the guidance and training section. PACE Guidance   
  • HR45 PACE Appraisal policy is also available for you to refer to in the Policies and procedures

The appraisal window for 2022 is from 1 May to 31 December 2022 and our KPI is for 90% of all staff to have completed an appraisal by this date.

Also available on the PACE homepage is the Leadership Competency Assessment Framework and the Scope for Growth career conversation.