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PACE 365 is Mersey Care’s appraisal system. It’s content has been designed to provide you and your reviewer with an engaging and meaningful appraisal. Once you have completed your preparation, you can reflect and discuss your performance and plan your objectives for the year ahead with your reviewer.   You can also feedback to your reviewer about how things are going in your team and share your ideas.

This year’s PACE includes the opportunity for our leaders to assess themselves against the new Leadership Charter.  If you are unsure about your future, you can also choose to complete the optional Scope for Growth career conversation which is also within the PACE system, but you will need to plan more time to do this.  In the final section of PACE, you can plan and agree your own personal and career development in the Learning and Development Plan.

In line with the NHS People Plan and our Trust People and Culture Plan, during 2023 we will be working with the performance team to build team level employee experience metrics from our PACE data.  So, in the future we will have a better understanding of your experiences, diverse needs, and expectations so we can tailor our services and processes to make it a better place to work.

To access to the system, you just need to create your own PACE profile on the PACE home page.    

If you are using PACE 365 for the first time and are not sure what appraisal is. You can choose what type of support you need to help you. We offer Reviewer and Reviewee virtual training which is bookable through section 3 of the Learning and Development Prospectus  and Scope for Growth training can also be found there too.

  • Reviewer training is for managers and leaders and will help them prepare for a meaningful appraisal with their team, this includes a quick tour of the system and is part of the Arrive programme.  
  • Reviewee training is for all team members and helps your prepare for your PACE and also provides a more in-depth look at the system.
  • PACE awareness session if you cant attend formal training and would like us to deliver a session to your team meeting, e-mail the inbox and we can arrange it.
  • Introduction to Scope for Growth Career Conversations if you want to know more about Scope for Growth and how it can help you to plan your career.
  • PACE 365 Guides and Resources, on the PACE homepage there are different materials to support the PACE and Scope for Growth processes.
  • HR45 PACE Appraisal policy is also available for you to refer to in the Policies and procedures

The appraisal window for 2023 is from 1 April to 31 December 2023 and the target for your team is 90% of all colleagues to have completed an appraisal by this date.