Publish date: 7 June 2021

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In this edition:

  • Parents and carers of children with an intellectual disability: what do we know about their wellbeing?
  • Brain activity patterns may distinguish girls with autism
  • Brain structures grow differently in boys, men with autism
  • People with a learning disability should not be protected from the ‘everyday’ highs and lows of relationships
  • More research needed into ageing and dying well with intellectual disabilities
  • Quality of hospital care for people with learning disabilities needs urgent attention, new study finds
  • Diabetes care for adults with learning disabilities is not optimal
  • Learning disabilities workshop
  • Autistic and learning disabled people restrained once every 12 minutes, research finds
  • Number of autistic people in mental health hospitals: latest data
  • CQC launches new strategy for monitoring the health and care services autistic people use