Incentives for roles at Aspen Wood

“Aspen Wood represents the next level in forensic learning disability
provision – we need you to be part of this. There’s an R&R package for you.
Ask us how we can support you to join us at the new low secure site.”

Steve Newton, Divisional Director

Registered nurses (bands 5 - 8)

Registered nurses bands 5-8 pic 1.PNGRegistered nurses bands 5-8 pic 2.PNG

All staff (bands 1 - 4)

All staff bands 1-4 pic 1.PNGAll staff bands 1-4 pic 2.PNG

All staff, excluding registered nurses (bands 5 -8)

All staff bands 5 - 8 exc nurses pic 1.PNGAll staff bands 5 - 8 exc nurses pic 2.PNG