• Provide experienced project and programme management support for strategically aligned work
  • Provide costings for delivery of training or consultancy using the costing tools
  • Provide commercial advice and support to clinical and support colleagues
  • Ensure any legal protections are in place for commercial deals, using template contracts and liaison with legal representatives
  • Engage with clinical and TWSS divisions to scope out and market products or services
  • Help with market research and building customer relationships
  • Ensure payment of goods and services and financial split.

Benefits Realisation Programme

The Benefits Realisation Programme was established to ensure that the potential benefits of the acquisition of North West Boroughs to patients, staff and other stakeholders are fully realised. In addition, the Programme will identify those issues and risks which have materialised or have increased as a direct result of the acquisition and aims to address these.

Corporate Redesign Programme

The overall aim of the programme is to reduce the cost base associated with the Corporate Services Division whilst enhancing the efficiency of services provided across the Trust.

Workforce Systems Programme

The Workforce Systems Programme has been established to achieve optimal use of workforce systems to achieve cost and efficiency savings and reduce staff absence. The following projects are in scope:

Achieving Hybrid Working Programme

The Programme aims to make cost savings by reducing the estate footprint by implementing a hybrid working approach.

Acquisition of North West Boroughs

On 1 June 2021, Mersey Care acquired a neighbouring community and mental health trust (North West Boroughs). The Strategic Programmes Team were responsible for ensuring a ‘safe landing’ of services on Day One.

Acquisition of Liverpool Community Health & Community Services Improvement Programme

“In April 2018, Mersey Care acquired a local community health trust (Liverpool Community Health).  Following this acquisition, 44 issues were identified which needed to be addressed.  An improvement programme took place between April 2018 and November 2019, successfully addressing these issues .

Corporate Transformation

This programme was established in 2019 with the aim to better align corporate service provision to the needs of clinical service provision and to generate efficiencies and cost reduction where possible.

Acquisition of Calderstones

In 2016, Mersey Care acquired a specialist forensic learning disability trust in Lancashire (Calderstones NHS Foundation Trust).