Name – Jess Gray

Role – Business Change Coordinator (RiO) - Working on the organisation’s clinical information system, RiO.

Years in Organisation - Started in 2007 to present.

Experience – I have worked on the clinical information systems since 2013 helping to implement different systems including RiO, Pacis and ePMA.  I am involved in form design and understanding the business processes of both existing and new teams within Mersey Care NHS Trust. 

Disability / Condition – I was ill with cancer for several years and after 3 years of treatment I now experience cognition difficulties, fatigue and intrusive memories.

Reasonable Adjustments – Regular morning and afternoon breaks; More time given to me to complete tasks; Joining some meetings by MS Teams instead of face to face if long journeys are involved; Flexibility around start and finish times if I am required to travel to other sites as driving causes me anxiety.

“Sometimes all we need is to talk to someone who has walked the path we find ourselves on because we can use their footprints as a guide” – JG

Use of access to work – Not Currently

Contact – via email Jessica Gray or or on MS Teams