Publish date: 22 March 2024

The Trust is rolling out a new room booking system to all meeting rooms across the Trust, this will be happening over the next year. The Trust wide room booking system, which is currently used for rooms in Hollins Park House, Indigo, V7 and the Brooker Centre  can be found via this link

From 26 March 2024, you will be required to check-in to any room you have booked upon arrival within 15 minutes of meeting start time.

This is to ensure rooms are not held empty if they are not used. The person who booked the room will also be notified if the room has not been used. If booking a room on behalf of a colleague, please ensure you add their details to the booking, so they receive the check in details too.

To check in, you will see a QR code either on the door or situated in a visible space in the room you have booked as shown below.

Upon arrival you will need to scan the QR code to check-in to your room booking or reply to the room booking email you will have been sent, to say you are there.

When scanning the QR code you will be required to sign in via your merseycare account, this can be done on your phone or laptop. The check-in has a time limit of 15 minutes prior to and after start time of your booking if you do not check-in before the end of the 15 minutes your booking will be cancelled and will be available to book by other staff members. This is to help the Trust to make the best use of the resources available for staff to use.

If you have any issue or queries when checking-in please get in touch with