Publish date: 21 August 2023

Our own new 80 bed mental healthcare service on the site of the old Mossley Hill hospital is coming on brilliantly as these images show.

Mossley Hill 2.JPG

The new build, on the Park Avenue, retains the mansion building but will deliver state of the art four wards and eradicate shared dormitory style accommodation in the city. As Prof Rafferty said at the start of works: “Our current inpatient estate has been identified as a limiting factor in service users’ recovery. More than that, by delivering better buildings we’re also setting newer and higher standards in mental health care for everyone.”

Whilst the name Mossley Hill will continue, as established by a public engagement exercise last year, it’s staff and service users who have chosen the names to be used around the new site. Tonia Smith tells us staff are very positive about the move and are really pleased with the names of the areas they’ll be practising in when the site opens.

Mossley Hill 1.JPG

We can reveal the ward names which were the most popular and viable names as chosen by the survey and within the naming guidelines:

  • Braddock Ward - remembering the pioneering Liverpool MP and public health campaigner Bessie Braddock
  • Archer Ward - in memory of John Archer, the Liverpool born politician and, in 1913 the black Mayor of a London Borough
  • Roscoe Ward - William Roscoe, Liverpool MP, abolitionist and botanic garden founder
  • Wilkinson Ward - named for Kitty Wilkinson, who pioneered public hygiene in the city’s wash houses
  • The Oasis Café - this was the original name of the café in the old hospital
  • Crawford Suite - the suite for those detained under Section 136 of the MH Act will jointly be called Crawford, after the original landowner

The team working on the development of the new facility want to thank everyone who contributed to the survey for their many and varied suggestions. They also want to acknowledge those who requested to name a ward after family members who had connections to the site as fairly recent patients. Those, and other suggestions, were lovely ideas but out of scope of the guidelines.

Watch videos and see more images of the site on our website.