Key points to keep in mind:   

  • The OE&L Teams fund all apprenticeship study through the Apprenticeship Levy 

  • Additional cost such as salary, backfill, expenses and any on-cost are paid for through service line budgets 

We have two main routes by which we can fund and support divisions with apprenticeships:  

Direct recruitment

The apprenticeship Levy is designed to pay for all apprenticeship study.  In this instance when recruiting an apprenticeship directly into a role. The only cost implication for a team, service or division is the salary and any backfill costs that are related to that role.

 Apprentices can be recruited at any level or apprenticeship or Agenda for Change (AFC) Band provided that the role that they are recruited into is related to the apprenticeship being undertaken and evidence of new learning can be facilitated. The process of recruitment will follow the same process as any other recruitment, the only addition to this will be the involvement of the Mersey Care apprenticeship team and the apprenticeship provider.   

Internal upskilling

This is similar to a traditional continued professional development study process. 

You will undertake a programme of study that will enable them to progress or complement their role.  This role will not affect their pay or progression via AFC and is a perfect way to ensure that your team and colleagues are continually progressing and bringing new skills and knowledge to their role.