We are working in partnership with AccessAble to produce detailed access guides for our sites. The access guides which will be created from AccessAble’s surveyors’ on-site assessments will be published on their website linking from our website.

The access guides will significantly enhance patient experience by providing patients and visitors the accessibility information they need before visiting. Crucially, AccessAble do not rate or judge the accessibility of a site, but simply explain what is available, so that patients and visitors can be better informed about the facilities across our sites.

You can see an example of an access guide produced by AccessAble for NHS Property Services.

AccessAble have attended a number of meetings before the start of the survey to engage with staff and introduce the project and answer any questions.

The surveys started from 28 March through to June 2022. AccessAble will be arranging appointments by telephone with each service prior to attending the site. Please try to assist AccessAble in any way you can and arrange a suitable time for surveyors to come on-site. The surveyors will be carrying a Trust ID badge and a letter from Department authorising them to survey our buildings.

The surveyors will be visiting the following sites this week: 

Monday 9 May

  • Riverside Health Centre
  • Livingston Drive Health Centre
  • Zetland Street
  • Southport and Formby District General Hospital

Tuesday 10 May

  • The Wavertree Health Centre
  • Hampton Road Clinic

Wednesday 11 May

  • Sid Watkins Building – Aintree Hospital
  • The Brooker Centre
  • The Brooker Centre – Weaver

Thursday 12 May

  • The Brooker Centre – Bridge Ward
  • Hollins Park Hospital

Monday 16 May

  • Vauxhall Health Centre
  • Queens Drive Family Health Centre

Please note, as part of the survey, AccessAble will need to take some photos and may need to ask staff a few questions. No photos will be taken of staff, inpatients, or the public.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact: