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What we’ve done

We’ve commissioned AccessAble, an external organisation, to visit our sites and compile reports about a range of accessibility issues. They look at the route into a building and what is available inside from the perspective of physical, neurological and other access needs.

Their summary reports are publicly available. They allow visitors and users to be better informed about their visit to Mersey Care. We’re aware some locations are not as compliant as we’d wish and we will be using the information to inform future investment and design.

AccessAble have specially trained surveyors who have inspected tens of thousands of venues across the country – from shops to restaurants and from tourist sites to NHS properties – and they create detailed access guides, with images, about what to expect when visiting. In the last year, they have done the same with Mersey Care’s wards, clinics and offices.

Who’s been involved

As well as our external partners, this project has involved Mersey Care Staff Side, Sustainability, Health and Safety Advisors, Staff Networks, Engagement and Experience, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and Communications. We are assessed in the same way as AccessAble have done so nationally.

How to use the guides

All the guides sit on AccessAble’s own website and users can search many locations nationally by postcode or building type. We’ll be adding links to our sites from our own webpages.

Who to contact

The information is provided based on AccessAble’s latest inspection. There may have been updates since then and we’re aware some of our locations, especially older ones, may present issues for some people’s needs. We’re working to improve. Some issues can’t easily be amended without major structural changes to a building or major investment but we might be able to make quick wins based on people’s experiences. Please let us know if we can help or of changes by email: