Within this page you can find information about contacting the Estates and Facilities Helpdesk, how to request new works and reactive requests, Purchase Order/ Eproc requests, I.D. badges and access enquires and how to request a call back for any general enquiries.

Master site list: Noticed a change? then complete the general enquiry form below and once submitted the helpdesk will make the relevant changes.

For any site access requests your line manager must complete the access request form.

Mid Mersey Division  - click this link to request site access.

In order to ensure effective management of our estate, the Trust has a framework in place to authorise the allocation of space. The Requests for Space (RfS) provide a framework to do this. This framework makes sure that the use of available space is appropriate for the team, individual or service and complies with statutory and non-statutory standards.

If you wish to move or change your accommodation please complete an Estates utilisation Proforma.

The Estates Planning Team will review your request with your senior management and inform you of the outcome. Please note that if you move into, what appears to be vacant accommodation without prior authorisation, there is a strong chance that the space may have already been allocated and you will be asked to vacate immediately.

The Estates and Facilities Team will be responsible for the implementation of any moves and changes and will recharge accordingly.

For service requests and faulty equipment please email callout@bcasbiomed.co.uk giving make, model and serial no of equipment and please include the Asset No.

N.B. No service out of hours!

Helpdesk contact

email: EstatesFacilitiesHelpdesk@merseycare.nhs.uk

Telephone: 0151 295 3101

Reactive works

If your request relates to a building fault such as; no hot water, heating, power failure, leak, lighting issues etc please report to MJ Quinn direct using the following contact details.

Telephone:    0151 471 2206

Email: Merseycare@mjquinn.co.uk

You will be provided with a reference number which you must note locally to allow estates to follow up on any concerns if and when escalated to the E&F helpdesk. Do not end the call without the reference number being provided.

New/Minor works

If your request relates to a new/minor works request such as any none fault related works, new installs or a quotation request please complete works request form.

Select “Request a Task Order”

Once complete click “SUBMIT” button. 

This will then send an automated email direct to the Helpdesk Staff for logging and assigning to the applicable contractor.

You will then receive an email quoting a unique job number, please keep this for future reference as this will help us with tracking the work if there are any delays.

If your request is urgent please follow up with a phone call to Helpdesk on the above stated number, stating your Log ID.

P1 Emergencies: Action within one hour – (Disruption to the entire building, resulting in building being closed or evacuated)

P2 Urgent: Action within four hours  (Disruption to room or part of the building resulting in being closed or evacuated)

P3 General: Action within 24 hours (Non-Critical asset failure)

P4 Unplanned: five working days (Items not covered under PPM i.e. broken tambour units, fix shelving, flooring repairs etc.)

P6 Quotation: 28 days unless stated otherwise

Out of Hours emergency contact: Please contact Switchboard 0151 473 0303 who will contact the rostered on-call Estates officer for MID Mersey Division or OOH Contractor for the rest of the Trust. They will then action attendance if required.

Contact: Halton Estates Department if your building is located within the borough 01928 753 070 Out of hours: 01928 704 567 Halton Hospital switchboard and ask for on call Estates Officer

Contact:  Your Maintenance Provider if you are based in a Leasehold Property (NHSPS, CHP, LIFT)

To submit a general enquiry please complete this form.

Secure Division - Follow current process

All Stand Alone Systems – Follow Current Process – if you are unsure what system your site has please contact the Site Manager who can advise.

New Starter ID badge requests -  If you are new to the trust and still awaiting your new ID badge, contact Ian.Allward@merseycare.nhs.uk.

Replacement ID badges – If you changed role within the trust, lost your badge, your badge is faulty then all requests must come from your line manager and site managers must be copied into request email. A current photo must be sent with completed this form this your photo needs to be head and shoulders only on a plain background. Then send the form to: EstatesFacilitiesHelpdesk@merseycare.nhs.uk

All requests are now being made via this option.


For purchase orders and Oracle requests complete this form.