Publish date: 2 September 2021

Sandra Watkins, Wendy Porter, Alison Murphy

6 October 2021 10-12 noon

This session will be delivered online using Microsoft Teams. Please e-mail: for your invitation. 

You can forward the invitation to your personal e-mail address in order to access the session from home.  All students who wish to remotely attend the session from home should discuss this with their supervisor/assessor for approval.  Assessors can contact me to verify attendance.

If you are a TNA, you can attend on your day off or shift change; if you are working you can request the slides via the facilitators.

You can claim placement hours for your attendance totalling 7.5 hours, it is expected you do some additional reading on the day around the topic.

When accessing the course, cameras to be switched ON and engagement necessary. 


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