Publish date: 28 September 2022

Joanne Scoltock, Head of Nursing  in Executive Nursing Team retired on 18 September after 36 years in nursing!

Joanne commenced her career in Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force nursing service in 1986 to complete her general nurse training.  She then went on to qualify as a Registered Learning Disability Nurse and worked as a Community Nurse before joining Manchester Metropolitan University as a lecturer.

Joanne joined Mersey Care in 2004 to work in the Learning Disability Directorate before joining the Executive Nursing Team in 2008 where she has been key to improving physical health for our mental health patients.  

Particular thanks go to Joanne for setting up the Vaccination Centre and leading the successful Covid Vaccine programme. Joanne will return two days per week to continue her invaluable work in the Executive Nursing Team.