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Our purpose-built Health and Wellbeing Centre at Hollins Park offers employees of the organisation, free use of the gym 24 hours a day, seven days per week following induction.

Health and Wellbeing Centre FAQ:

The following FAQ has been put together to provide information on how the centre operates and access during the Coronavirus pandemic.

How does the centre operate?

The centre is overseen and maintained by the Occupational Health and Wellbeing Service. The centre is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there is a dedicated mailbox to report any faults and to raise any queries-

Who can use the centre?

The centre is available for employees of the trust to access at any time, following completion of the induction process. This means completing the induction form linked above and once the form has been reviewed by a member of the Occupational Health and Wellbeing Service, attending the centre to complete induction with a member of the team present.

Service users of our onsite mental health inpatient services can also use the facility, although this must be under the supervision of a trained member of staff from the respective inpatient service and following an individualised risk assesment.

Where is the centre located?

The centre's full address is: Hollins Park, Hollins Lane, Winwick, Warrington WA2 8WA. The centre is situated at the back of the site.

Will users need to book?

There is no requirement to book. Users will be asked to sign in/out of the facility, providing details of time of entry and leaving. Please note this process should be completed for each attendance at the gym and this includes any escort accompanying a service user.

How do users get into the gym?

The gym is accessed via a door code, which is given following induction. This code must not be shared with anyone else. Service users are not provided with the access code and it is the responsibility of the trained ward staff to facilitate service user access. You should not enter the gym or attend work if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. If you do experience symptoms you must immediately self-isolate and follow government/Trust guidance.

How long can I stay?

It is advised to stay a maximum of 1 hour in order to keep the number of users in the gym at any time manageable. However at times where it is quiet, the decision is at the user’s discretion.

Are there any limits to how many users in the gym at one time?

There are no specific restrictions, however all users will need to ensure they can socially distance. It's best for users to plan to visit at a quieter time where possible. Service users are required to have approval/risk assessment from their treating physician which is documented in their care plan to use the facilities.                                                               

Are the changing facilities, showers & lockers available?

There are seperate changing facility for males and females. Both changing rooms have three showers and a toilet within. The centre also has an accessiblity room, including a shower and toilet.

Should users wear a face mask and gloves?

Face masks are not required at this time and are optional. A supply is provided on the registration desk. Gloves are also optional.

Do I need to socially distance while exercising?

Yes, anyone using the facilities is required to maintain government/Trust guidance regarding social distancing. There is a one way in and one way out system in operation.

How can I maintain a clean space to reduce risk?

There will be cleaning stations so you can clean the equipment before and after use. There will be more hand sanitising stations around the gym so it’s easy for users to regularly clean hands during a visit. We will ask that users also sanitise hands before entering the gym and before leaving the gym to keep users and others safe.

Can I play music/have the TV on?

The centre has a Smart TV as well as a digital television and other audio equipment. Users should ensure the sound isn't excessivly loud and they are able to maintain a normal conversation without needing to unduly raise their voice.

Can I use the water fountain?

The fountain can only be used to re-fill personal water bottles or containers. There are no cups stored within the centre. Users must not drink directly from the water fountain.

Is it best to open the windows?

Yes. Ventilation is an important part of mitigating against the transmission of COVID-19. Please open the windows and doors to ensure a fresh air supply to all areas of the facilities where possible. However users must remain responsible to ensure all windows and doors are closed on leaving the facilities to maintain security.

Do classes run in the centre?

No classes are currently being run from the centre. We do however run a class which is exclusive to Mersey Care employees at near by facilities. Details of these can be found here

What if I develop symptoms in the 14 days after using the gym facilities?

If any user/escort develops symptoms, they will need to report these as per Trust/Government guidance and inform the Hollins Park Occupational Health Team on 01925 664010.

What if I still have questions about the gym facilities?

Please email with your question and we will respond to you.