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Congratulations to everyone who was nominated or was successful in winning one of the Star Awards at last night’s event at ACC Liverpool. The awards reflected the great variety of innovation, diversity and dedication across the Trust with a record number of nominations being received for this year’s awards. You can find a full list of winners and pictures below.

Awards_025_screen.jpgThis team was nominated as during the
pandemic, and following the Black Lives
Matter movement, race became a hot
topic. This resulted in the Perinatal Service
wanting to make an attempt to address
inequalities that have an impact on BAME
populations accessing our service.

Awards_027_screen.jpgLongmoor House staff

This team has been nominated for the
work it has led on, to improve patient
falls on the inpatient wards.

Nisha Jose and the Telehealth Team

During the pandemic, in response to the
need to provide pulse oximetry to prevent
patients dying from COVID complications,
the telehealth hub supported up to 6000
patients a day with COVID complications.
The service also went from being a Liverpool
service to supporting patients across
Cheshire and Merseyside in a couple of

Awards_028_screen.jpgThis individual was nominated as she
is an advocate and role model for
continuous learning through the
preceptorship programme.

Volunteer.jpgThis individual was nominated as she has
been volunteering at Clock View on an
acute inpatient ward for several months
and has done some tremendous work
with the ladies there.

Awards_030_screen.jpgThis team was nominated as they aim to be
a positive influence for change and learning,
through demonstrating a commitment to
Trust values; embedding these within the
programme induction, and every structured
learning session, whilst creating a sense of
psychological safety through the pastoral
support offer of the programme.

Awards_031_screen.jpgThis team has been nominated as they
continue to provide hope and care for
our patients and continue to offer evidence
based interventions to improve health and
wellbeing of our patients.

Awards_036_screen.jpgThis team have been nominated because
the Later Life and Memory Service in St
Helens has launched a care home liaison
project to support the care homes of
St Helens at a time of increasing winter
pressures that were compounded by

Awards_037_screen.jpgThis individual has been nominated as she
stepped up to act as team manager this year.
She has been an amazing manager, shown by
the fantastic quality review visit Good+ result
we achieved under her leadership.

Comms 2.pngThis team has been nominated due to
the massive number of outputs that are
delivered. The team provides high quality
input whether proactive or reactive.

Babs 2.jpgThis team has been nominated for
supporting the most vulnerable families
in our communities to build bonds and
break negative transgenerational cycles.

emily.jpgEmily has shown immense respect for a member of the public during a scheduled home visit to a patient on the District Nurse caseload. Emily identified that a member of the public needed help prior to visiting a patient. This gentleman was a member of the public that Emily treated with kindness, respect and compassion.

dementia.jpgThere has previously been no provision of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) specific for people with a diagnosis of Young Onset Dementia (YOD) within Merseycare. Our YOD team have developed a CST group that comprises of 7, 2-hour sessions and will be held in the community at Sedgemoor Community Centre. CST is unique as it is one a select few, non-pharmacological therapies recognised by NICE guidance. We are not aware of any other CST groups specifically for YOD running in the northwest of England.

Awards_045_screen.jpgThis individual has been nominated as he
has worked in secure services for 37 years.
He is a true example of ‘growing our own’,
beginning training as a learning disability
nurse, before being asked to work in Park
Lane, now Ashworth, eventually becoming
Director of Security.

Dave McKenna, recently retired as Head of Security on the Maghull Health Park, wasn't with us for the award but colleagues from Ashworth gathered to accept on his behalf.