An incoming external secondment is where a member of staff from another employer (the seconding organisation) comes to work for the Trust for a defined period of time whilst maintaining their contract with the seconding organisation (their substantive employer).

All staff seconded into the Trust must undergo the full recruitment process including Trust and Local Induction. In addition, any staff working on inpatient was must complete Conflict Resolution training prior to commencement in post.

At the end of the secondment the individual returns to their substantive employer. The individual remains employed by the seconding organisation, and is not employed by the Trust.

The substantive employer continues to pay the secondee's salary and invoices the Trust.

On completion of the secondment period, should the Trust be in a position to extend the secondment, this may be extended if, in the manager’s judgement this will not disadvantage other staff within the Trust and can be justified in meeting the business needs of the department.The organisation from which the individual is being seconded from will provide a secondment agreement outlining the terms of the secondment for all parties to agree.