Sanitary Provision and Period Poverty 

It quickly became clear that simply accessing sanitary products, much less affording them, was a problem.  After much thought and investigation into a feasible, affordable solution, we took up the suggestion of ‘Comfort Boxes.’ The network is pleased to report that it successfully won agreement from the Trust to fund the purchase of the comfort boxes. Other women who volunteer to donate sanitary products will stock the boxes.

The boxes would contain essential items like sanitary pads and tampons, but could also include deodorant, panty liners or other appropriate items and are free to anyone who needs them. We are asking for teams or groups to volunteer to "host" a box in their work area and for staff to donate sanitary products which will be freely available for anyone who needs to use them when on duty.

People can pledge to donate items and to help keep the boxes stocked. 

The distribution of the boxes was delayed because of the pandemic but many women have now signed up. If anyone is aware that there are staff experiencing hardship please do contact Lesley, in confidence, and let us know.

We are also interested in hearing women’s experiences of what impact the pandemic is having on their lives, so please do let us know.