Our vision

Our vision is to lead the way in perfect, whole person care that helps people of all ages live healthier lives.

Our strategic framework 

We’ve refreshed our strategy to set out what kind of organisation we want to be in 2028. Given our size and complexity, it’s never been more important to have a simple set of focussed priorities to help us get the basics right balanced alongside ambitious goals for the years ahead.

Read all about our new Strategic Framework, the clear goals, targets and measures for each of our strategic intentions. These will be translated year-on-year into our Operational Plan to ensure continuing progress to delivering our long-term strategic priorities.

Our new animation explains our refreshed Strategic Framework.

Read Joe Rafferty’s blog where he talks about our Trust Strategic Framework and how it has evolved in line with the changing population needs, the continued increased demand for services, post pandemic learning and the changing landscape.

The new posters for the CQC compliance boards will be distributed over the coming weeks.

Our strategic intentions 

To enable us to deliver our vision, the strategic framework features six priorities.



Introducing the super six:

  1. We will be known for our operational and clinical excellence. Our patients and service users will always be our top priority. We  will improve patient experience, tackle waiting times and they will receive consistently excellent services regardless of where they access them.
  2. Our staff will feel valued and supported. We will attract and retain the best people through an inclusive culture which supports wellbeing and engagement.
  3. We will support people with their 'total health' by providing support for their physical health, mental health, learning disability and addiction needs in a coordinated way, removing the need for so many separate appointments.
  4. We will increase value - achieving the best outcomes from the resources available. By working with other providers and redesigning our services we will reduce waste, improve sustainability and become more efficient.
  5. We will use data, insight and technology to transform care, making our services more targeted, effective and personalised, giving people greater control of their health and wellbeing and extending the reach of our specialist teams.
  6. We will lead world class research and innovation in mental health and wellbeing. We will shorten the time it takes for effective treatment and interventions to reach those patients and service users who would benefit the most.