With the increased usage of electric vehicles, the Trust has installed several charging points across various sites. These are currently available at the following sites:

  • Maghull – HSS and Beechway – Podpoint/BP/Rolec – Card/Plug and Play
  • V7 – BP - Card
  • Netherton Health Centre – BP
  • Hope Centre - BP
  • Rathbone – Pod point – App access
  • Hollins Park – Geniepoint – App Access
  • Peasley Cross – Geniepoint – App Access
  • Norris Green Hub – Rolec – follow local access guidance
  • Hartley – Rolec – plug and play

Geniepoint Chargers can be accessed by downloading the geniepoint app and registering with your trust email address. 

Pod point Chargers can be access by downloading the point point app and registering with your trust email address.

Please respect your colleagues who may wish to charge their cars by aiming to limit your time on the charger to 2 hours and moving your vehicle to another car parking space once it is charged to allow others to make use of the electric vehicle chargers.