Publish date: 8 June 2023

5 June 2023

Staff in adult mental health services, early intervention in psychosis services and perinatal mental health services are advised that a new version of the Score-15 Adult outcome measure is now available within Rio.

This is suitable for use with adult patients and their families

Staff within children and young peoples mental health services should continue to use the version found within the CYP IAPT folder on the Rio case record menu.

It can be found in the Outcome Measures/Screening Tools folder as shown below.

Score – 15 Adult (Outcome Measures/Screening Tools>Outcome Measures)

7 June 2023

Colleagues working within falls teams and relevant physiotherapy and occupational therapies may notice that the Tinetti Balance Assessment Tool is now available in full item level within Rio. You can find this form in Outcome Measures/Screening Tools within both the Outcome Measure and Screening Tools folders on the case record menu. You will also find links to the Berg Balance Scale in the Outcome Measures folder now too.


Tinetti Balance Assessment Tool (Outcome Measures/Screening Tools>Screening Tools or Outcome Measures)

Berg Balance Scale (Outcome Measures/Screening Tools>Screening Tools or Outcome Measures)