Your Recognition is all about recognising and rewarding your good work, commitment to caring, and successes that make a difference to the lives of service users, patients, carers and families as well as our staff and teams.

At Mersey Care, we have three reward and recognition schemes:

  • Your 'thank you'
  • Employee and team of the month 
  • The Positive Achievement Awards

Visit the Your Recognition area on SharePoint to find out more about the scheme and how to recognise a colleague or team.

On this area, you can send someone a 'thank you', submit an employee or team of the month nomination and make a Positive Achievement Awards submission.

Say 'thank you'...

Do you know a colleague who has done something that has really made a difference, or has demonstrated our values? Then why not send them a 'thank you'?

Receiving a 'thank you' lets you know your hard work has been noticed. Not only that, the thank you automatically goes into your Personal Achievement and Contribution Evaluation (PACE) performance review process and the system automatically notifies your line manager so they are aware of the great work you are doing.

Every time you say 'thank you' this will be captured in your PACE and is an example of our value Enthusiasm.

If you receive a 'thank you', the details will be captured in the PACE system and will help your discussions about values and behaviours.

Please note: the Your Recognition system is not yet linked to the PACE process for former North West Boroughs staff so for the time being, you can still send and receive 'thank you's but you will need to manually save any 'thank you' emails you receive to use for your performance review.

How do I send someone a 'thank you'?

You can say 'thank you' via the button below, then simply enter the details of who you would like to thank and why. After submitting, your colleague will receive an email notifying them they have received a 'thank you' and will be able to see the details.

Our CARES values

When sending someone a 'thank you', you will be asked to select which of our CARES values they have displayed - Continuous improvement; Accountability; Respect; Enthusiasm; and Support. You can read more about these below.

Say thank you to someone who is committed to making improvements in our service for the benefit of all.

Say thank you to someone who takes ownership to anticipate, develop and deliver high quality care.

Say thank you to someone who treats others in an inclusive and supportive way.

Say thank you to someone who demonstrates passion and pride for what they do and how they do it.

Say thank you to someone who actively supports others with compassion and courage.



Read our People Promise and Charter which describes the behaviours we would expect to see from someone demonstrating these values.

If you would like to nominate a person or team for employee or team of the month, visit the YourRecognition section on SharePoint.