Publish date: 25 October 2021

A staff engagement workshop for the proposed new mental health hospital in Liverpool was held at Windsor House in Toxteth and feedback was very positive – with staff saying how they were appreciative of the levels of detail already considered for their health and wellbeing needs.

Staff were thankful that not only has consideration been put into the accommodation and therapeutic environment for service users, but also their workplace needs were being addressed. This includes a range of topics including staff showering and changing areas, drying facilities, cycle storage, and wards having specific staff rest areas.

They welcomed the staff base office and the open staff base desk as a good design idea that will make observations easier to manage and will give more of a relaxed feel to service users.

Experts from Gilling Dod architects and interior design got a ‘thumbs up’ when they shared the proposed colour pallets and materials proposed for fittings and fixtures such as curtains, furniture, and flooring. A separate workshop will be held to discuss landscaping.

Strategic Estates Business Partner Margy James said: “The design of the building was a big hit and we had lots of good feedback with regards to the plan for each ward to have their own courtyard area.”

Pictured top, from left to right: Sharlene McFarlane architect, Martin Harper nursing assistant, Laura Graken interior designer, Guy Thomas occupational therapist. Pictured below: Sharlene McFarlane, Angela Burke and Chris Tinker facilities management assistants, with Margy James recording feedback from the staff.

windsor house.jpg