Publish date: 2 May 2024

Our inpatient MaST showcase was attended by 46 people covering a wide range of professions from Mersey Care, Cheshire Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Cheshire and Merseyside Mental Health Programme, Cheshire and Merseyside MHLDA Provider Collaborative and Liverpool University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. It went remarkably well over three dynamic sessions. Participants were very positive with feedback that was also collected via surveys using mobile phones. It was felt that the dashboard was clear, easy to use and provided a wide range of useful information.

The dashboard’s currently in proof of concept phase, having been developed in partnership with Holmusk, and will support early identification of patient safety indicators on mental health wards. The project brings together a range of data sets from across the Trust, presented in an intuitive, intelligent dashboard to support clinical decision making. It includes an algorithm to help predict which wards are most likely to experience an increase of incidents, based on factors such as staff levels, patient complexity and admission velocity.   

Feedback will be sought from clinical colleagues before reviewing and moving onto the next phase of development but so far it includes:

  • I have used MaST previously and found it extremely useful within community mental health so inpatient use is great. It would be really useful to use in our secure services
  • Impressive progress in a short period of time. Could link into existing programmes in Cheshire and Merseyside such as SHREWD or the mental health section of the business intelligence portal
  • Looks visually good
  • Looking forward to being involved and seeing the final version
  • Felt listened too and appreciated for my input
  • Amazing development. Worked with Adam and Zo previously and they are so passionate about MaST for all the right reasons. Great
  • Great morning working cooperatively with others getting included in meaningful system development
  • Fabulous tool! Look and feel is really accessible. Gives range of information in an accessible way, supporting the triangulation and impact of a variety of data points. I like the drill now of information and the hover function providing more detail is really effective. Highlight of challenges at ward level is powerful
  • Dashboard will be a game changer for medicines management teams and colleagues as it provides the opportunity to overlay data that’s already available to ensure that decisions are evidence based and timely. This would be used daily and staffing/resource would be flexed accordingly - something that is difficult to do without the oversight and visibility that the dashboard will provide. It’s imperative that medication data is included in this when the actual dashboard is built so ensure that medication as a predictor or indicator of risk can be part of the equation/algorithm
  • Conversation many years ago re need at ward level for a tool like this - really positive progress!
  • Thanks for sharing, want to start straight away!!

Whilst the dashboard was commissioned for mental health wards, there’s potential for this tool to be developed across our other services, such as secure, learning disability and community. If you’d like further information, please contact Assistant Director of Strategic Programmes