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The women’s network was launched back in December 2018. At the launch staff heard from Amanda Oates, Executive Director of Workforce, who gave assurances about her commitment to the network and shared some of her own experiences as a carer and working woman.

We discussed different work experiences; what we expect and hope to achieve with the network. We decided to concentrate, for the present time, on five main issues:

  • Menopause and its effects
  • Sanitary Provision and Period Poverty
  • Carers and Work Life Balance
  • New Mothers Returning to Work
  • Gender Pay Gap.

We have made good progress on all these issues thanks to the trust that is genuinely interested in listening to the voice of the staff networks.  At the same time, the Network was discussing menopause the Health and Wellbeing team had been exploring ways of supporting women experiencing menopause.  This is work that they have since rolled out across the trust and though this is necessarily paused, there are plans to continue this work once the situation changes.

Actions on carers, returning mothers and the gender pay gap have now been incorporated into the 2020 Equality Action Plan available on Share point

Purpose: provide a supportive space for women to share experiences; work collectively towards improving the trust policies and practices and implement change.

Membership: any staff member who identifies as female is a de facto member of the network. We very much welcome membership and involvement of staff from all areas, disciplines and grades, particularly from those women who feel their voices are not heard.

Meetings: bi-monthly
"Come along, share your experience of working in the trust, learn what issues have been raised so far and throw in your ideas for the #Me2 new decade. All women welcome."

Sponsor: Louise Edwards, Director of Strategy

The network aims to provide a voice for the things that are important to female staff and through collective action, to highlight the significance and value of having a gender equal working environment that recognizes and promotes women’s issues.

The network is for everyone and we are interested in getting views from women of all ages, cultures and experiences about what you think is important. We recognise that it may be difficult for ward based colleagues to attend the network and are looking at possible options to link to wider groups across our sites. If you are unable to attend meetings, we are still happy to receive suggestions by email.