Welcome to the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion pages!

These pages provide information relating to service users and patients and links to provision available for staff and colleagues.

The organisation supports an inclusive culture, this is to create an environment which means people not only feel accepted for who they are but that their talents, contributions and perspectives from every job role within the organisation are valued.

It is important that we provide an inclusive environment for patients and service users recognising the particular needs they may have. 

Remember to ask the patient/service user about their needs; they often know what is the best solution for them and record it. Remember needs may change. 

In addition to the Trust policies and procedures, here you will find information about:

Accessible Information Standard – the steps we need to make to ensure good communication with patients and service users

How to access the Translation and Interpretation Services (and help with Accessible Information Standard). 

Please note that Mid Mersey Division will continue with DA Languages and St Helens Deafness Resource Centre for now. New Purchase Order numbers have been created for the new organisation and are can be found in the translation and interpretation section.

If you have any queries please contact Alison Paul via MS Teams or email Alison.Paul@merseycare.nhs.uk.


Connecting with the populations we serve is important and learning about the different people in each of the boroughs.  We are keen to connect with diverse communities and also those whose voices maybe seldom heard.  Events are also an opportunity to connect with other services.  This PowerPoint illustrates some of the events we held with diverse communities pre tis As well as the connections services have with local organisations the Trust has been involved in (pre Covid) large scale events illustrated in this Summer of 2019 PowerPoint

For advice and support about capturing, and using, patient experience please contact the Engagement Team on (01925) 664850 or dennis.dewar@merseycare.nhs.uk.

We also share information with our Foundation Trust members on a regular basis. If you have any information or messages you’d like distributing across our local communities please send them to the Engagement Team via dennis.dewar@merseycare.nhs.uk.

Joe O’Grady, Head of Equality Diversity and Inclusion


Alison Paul, EDI Advisor for Engagement and Experience


Dennis Dewar, Engagement and Experience Coordinator


George Sullivan, Equality and Human Rights Advisor


Paul Hart, Clinical Services Manager / EDI Advisor


Pam Lovatt, Chaplain: 07384 877802

If you need support please speak with your manager in the first instance. If that does not feel possible please contact your locality HR Business Partner. There are also details of your nearest Freedom to Speak Up Champion

A great way to meet others with similar experiences and to influence developments in the Trust is to joining one of the Staff Networks. Allies are also welcome. For the latest information about the staff networks and opportunities to access new Mersey Care staff networks such as the women’s network

Have you joined the Rainbow Badge Scheme?  This is a way that staff can show they support and willingness to talk about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Plus (LGBT+) issues with colleagues, patients, service users and carers.