Publish date: 18 October 2023

Mark Gasper.JPGSince completing his yoga instructor course as part of his development at Mersey Care, Nursing Assistant Mark Gasper has been facilitating yoga sessions for the benefit of patients in Rowan View.

Mark leads both individual and group sessions and tailors the activity depending on patients’ skill level, mobility, and emotional presentation.

Mark tells us: “the aims of the sessions are to equip patients with the skills to understand and take control of their breath and be present in the now, not allowing past or future thoughts to distract them or cause them distress.”

The sessions have “created an environment of calm and respect between patients and enabled improved therapeutic relationships between patients and peers as well as with staff members.”

Feedback has been positive and patients have also reported improved sleep after sessions, as well as a reduction in feelings such as anxiety and depression.

Mark plans to continue with these sessions and enjoys that he can bring his own skills to work for the benefit of patients.

If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch with Mark via