Our Communications, as part of the Communications and Digital workstream, ensures that we are continuously communicating updates and developments with:

  • Mersey Care teams
  • Patients, Service Users and Carers
  • Partners including LA, VCFSE, PCN Networks and ICB

Our approach will range from our monthly service line SLT drop in session, communicating messages through the trust newsletters and coming soon our video transformation updates that will be stored on this page. Our YourSpace page is the best place to come for updates regarding the transformation programme.

If however you have any direct questions, feedback, suggestions or comments, you can contact our SLT directly on CMH.Questions@merseycare.nhs.uk

As you send us your questions, we will start to populate our Questions and Answers page. So please email us with any queries you may have regarding any of the transformation programme workstreams.

MaST is an easy to use software platform which analyses data and information from multiple sources to help healthcare staff make informed care pathway and resource allocation decisions to provide safe and effective care.

Following a successful implementation of MaST across community mental health teams in Liverpool and Sefton, the transformation team is working to effect a further roll out in Warrington, Halton, Knowsley and St Helens. This involves ensuring that any requisite data feeds are complete and accurate, as well as providing the necessary training, support and access to the platform to additional teams.

If you are a member of the Mental Health Service Line division and you have not received an invite to the monthly SLT Drop-in Sessions, please contact your manager to forward you the invite, or email us on CMH.Questions@merseycare.nhs.uk and we will ensure you are included in future invites.

Please see the dates of future sessions below:

  • 7 February 2024 - 12pm to 1pm
  • 6 March - 3pm to 4pm

Click here to join the meetings