Publish date: 11 June 2021

Last week we launched our survey to give you the chance to vote for a new name for Stoddart House, our former mental health inpatient unit based at Liverpool University Hospitals’ Aintree site. The unit has been refurbished and has changed its purpose to serve patients needing ongoing nursing, therapy and reablement which will be completed within an average two week length of stay.

Some of you asked for a bit of background for the names chosen on the shortlist, so for those of you who are yet to vote, here they are:

The Warbreck Unit

Warbreck is the Liverpool City Council ward containing the northern parts of Walton and Orrell Park along with the old rural district of Warbreck Moor and residential area of Warbreck Park. The area around the current site is frequently referred to as part of the Warbreck area, although its boundaries do sit a little further west.

Birchfield Gardens

This name was suggested as it captured the recuperative and rehabilitative aspects of gardening and nature. The shortlisting panel thought the name evoked a sense of calm and recovery with the potential for growth and development, very much in keeping with the goals of the service.


Greenfields has both a literal and figurative meaning in its nomination. The current site is built on the farmland and green fields of Fazakerley and Aintree and the notion of green fields and fresh growth reflects the hope we have for our patients in their recovery and rehabilitation. It also symbolises the service’s desire to grow.

Longmoor House

Longmoor Lane runs to the north of the current site and several other notable establishments in the area carry the name of the road. The judging panel liked the link to the local area and its historical connection to the site.

John Archer Unit

John Archer was born in Liverpool in 1863 and went on to become the first black Mayor in London. He was a crucial advocate for the rights of minority groups in the UK, establishing him as one of Liverpool's must influential and underrated heroes.

For those who are yet to vote, please click here and register your vote. We’ll let you know what the most popular name was in a few weeks once voting is completed.