As I leave Mersey Care I’d like to invite you to consider joining the Women’s Network and even applying to become one of its leaders.

I am moving onto NHS England and NHS Improvement to work on strategic workforce projects. I will most definitely become a member of their Women’s Network to continue to push the agenda and see improvements for our female staff and service users.

As chair of the Women’s Network, I have met so many amazing women and EDI champions and had great support from all members and our OE Team. When the meetings are held and we are all together as women discussing women’s issues it feels very special and powerful – definitely a group of women who are able to get stuff done! The role of Chair includes steering the meetings, working collaboratively with members, OE and EDI, setting agendas, organising guest speakers/events. This is a really rewarding opportunity that can give a lot back.

If you are interested in becoming Chair or Vice Chair of the Network – please get in touch with me or joe.O’