Publish date: 14 March 2024

We are a specialist multi professional team that is part of the Autism Team in Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and Warrington.

We work with autistic people who are reaching crisis and may otherwise require an admission to hospital or are at risk of experiencing a placement breakdown.

We enhance the support that is already provided by involved services and can contribute and support the management of risk, care and safety planning in addition to providing specialist training to specific providers involved in that person’s care. The team can provide support and specialist advice when a person is transitioning from inpatient services to community services, ensuring it is a safe discharge.

For example, a person may be struggling to cope at home and find going out and accessing services very anxiety provoking resulting in the person to hurt themselves or others or damaging things around them. Someone may need support to return home from inpatient hospital and they may need to develop new coping strategies to help them feel better able to cope back at their home.

We will work with staff and patients to understand more about what’s happening and what support we can offer and will use different techniques to help develop a care plan together.

We also support people who are at risk of offending and getting in trouble with the police. Working with other care professionals and other services including housing providers or families and carers.

You can contact us via email: or call 0151 292 6964.