Publish date: 15 March 2022

Please note that from 10:00am on Wednesday the phones at Whalley are to be migrated onto a new Call Manager phone system. As the phones are migrated throughout the morning they will restart as part of the registration process onto the new system. This means that there will be approx. 3 minutes of interruption during this process as phones restart.

The biggest change for the site is that we can no longer have a 4 digit internal extension number due to the number of sites and phones that are to use the new system. Internal numbers will change to our 6 digit DDI. For example; x3700 will become x821700 -  x3690 will become 821690.

Internal dialling within Whalley will use the 6 digit extension from Wednesday post migration. Any numbers outside the Whalley range will require the full 11 digit number – for example Liverpool ‘0151 xxxx xxx’  Emergency numbers’2222’ and ‘0’ for reception will remain the same.

Should your phones not register or you have any issues after the restart please log a call via the helpdesk and we will attend ASAP.