Publish date: 22 January 2024

In response to increased demand on Mersey Care’s Section 136 suites, to reduce inpatient admissions, avoid delays and help to speed up mental health processes, the Mental Health Triage Response team was set up at the end of October 2023. The team also acts as an extension to our triage car service, and supports our response to Right Care Right Person. The team has responsibility for the Section 136 process at accident and emergency departments and custody suites. It also makes sure that all four of our places of safety are always staffed, with support workers permanently based there. They’ve also taken responsibility for managing our crisis phone line for professionals, giving bespoke advice and guidance to partner organisations.

Recruitment to the team continues, which is being supported, in the meanwhile, by some agency staff. This dedicated, innovative team is pioneering, with other organisations who provide mental health services, usually extending existing teams such as crisis resolution and home treatment. The team produces safety plans, reviews any existing medications, arranges appointments with clinicians and looks at alternatives to hospital admission. This committed team of invested individuals also provide the ‘softer touch’ by offering warm food, toiletries, newspapers, and reassurance to carers and loved ones.

Feedback to the team, in such a short time of being set up, has been overwhelming, from police, who no longer need to spend so long with patients while they’re waiting to be assessed, other partner agencies, staff, but most importantly, service users and their carers. This is backed up by extremely positive outcome data.

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