Thanks for using the communications enquiry form to ask for support with recruitment marketing. In order to support recruitment to this vacancy (or vacancies) we need to know a little bit more about the roles you are recruiting to. The following information will provide us with essential details to aid discussion, and quickly put a communications plan in place once you’re ready to advertise.

Please note that most campaigns will need a minimum of 10 days lead time.

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For example, if you’ve struggled to recruit to this vacancy (or vacancies), the service is in business continuity, or any other background details useful for the comms team to know.

Some extra things to think about…

For events, paid social media and printed adverts, a budget is essential. Please let us know if you have access to a budget, and we can discuss some options with you.

Content that helps to bring the role or the service to life will really help your recruitment campaign. If there are any staff members who can feature, please tell us their name/email address here.