Buddy’ Bio - David Parry

I have been in mental health nursing for not far off 40 years now for the past 10 years suffering from spinal injuries I sustained whilst working in forensics both secure services and prisons, this has resulted in L3, L4 and some L5 damage to my spine causing Sciatica which is not predictable in its appearances but can be debilitating. I have suffered from Dyslexia all my life but being of a certain age, I was not diagnosed with this as a child and it took till I was working with a Psychologist in the Prison that I worked in to be identified. This was diagnosed when I was screened as part of a project the psychologist was doing into dyslexia.

I had developed lots of coping skills that have allowed me to function without any hampering at least in my opinion, others may think differently, especially on days I was having a bad dyslexia day.

Recently in 2020 I was attacked in the street which exacerbated the spinal injuries and left me blind in my left eye due to lens and retinal damage and also with a period of PTSD dealt with via Occupational Health. This resulted in a number of operations and a long period of sickness which was also the recovery from the operations and coming to terms with the adjustments needed to both drive a car and operate VDU equipment. I contacted Access to work and via an online form informed them of my needs both visual and physical and also dyslexia needs.

Access to work - were very helpful and professional and put me at ease from the start of the phone consultation. The gentleman who I spoke to was understanding and also used a lot of humour to make me feel at ease whilst helping me navigate through my individual needs.  I could only praise them for the way they were.

Due to the delays I returned from sickness in January and it took till May to finish the training due to delays in acquisition. I am very much of the opinion that with the right help and right direction a return to work with reasonable adjustments is achievable. With the right equipment and understanding  management nothing is insurmountable and from my initial beliefs that I would not be able to work again in my role I am now back supporting my patients with a little more understanding of their needs. The disability (Partial Blindness) is not a disability as much as a change in my abilities that I have had to learn to adapt too much like my dyslexia that I didn’t know I had and dealt with accordingly all through school, college, Mental Health Nursing training ironically and university.

David Parry RMN

Senior Nurse Practitioner

Email – david.parry@merseycare.nhs.uk