This form can be used for general communications request, such as:

  • Changes to content on YourSpace or our website
  • Messages for our weekly newsletters (YourWeek and YourPeople)
  • Information to be shared on our staff Facebook or external social media channels
  • Design requests (such as posters, leaflets or pull up banners)
  • Amendments (such as PowerPoints or service letters).
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Please use this space to write the message you need to communicate to staff in as much detail as possible, as if you were addressing the audience.

If your request relates to an existing YourSpace or website page, please include the relevant links.

Please note, design work can take 10 working days. Submissions for the newsletter are due by 5pm on Wednesday for YourPeople (issued every Friday) and 5pm on Thursday for YourWeek (issued every Monday).

If you are requesting design work, professional printing will have a cost. We work closely with an external supplier who supports the Trust with printing.

Include any pictures or attachments here.