Publish date: 15 September 2023

18 to 22 September is National Falls Week

  • Knowsley Falls Team work in Care Homes to prevent long periods of time on the floor after a fall
  • Safe and Steady Workshop from One Knowsley
  • Everton in the Community Safe and Steady event.

Knowsley Falls Team

Knowsley’s Falls Team will focus on the good work it has done with both Care Homes and Extra Care Housing across the Borough next week.

Knowsley’s Falls Team was successful in bidding and securing funding from the ICB to complete a project to help improve the health outcomes for residents who fall in these environments. To deliver on this the Falls Service has provided Safe Lifting devices and trained staff on using both these devices and an NHS accredited app called ISTUMBLE that provides the ability of staff to respond to residents who have fallen, clinically triage them for injury and reduce the burden on both Ambulance and Local Acute Hospital Accident and Emergency services. This means the majority of residents who fall can be safely lifted in a matter of minutes and not require a paramedic review, thus reducing the amount of “long Lies” and Hospital attendances that would have been necessary before.

Knowsley’s Falls service has worked alongside both the Care Homes, Extra Care Buildings and North West Ambulance Trusts to have done this, and is continuing to develop and progress this work in National Falls Week.


  • More than 20 Safe Lifting devices have been provided across Knowsley in Care Homes and Extra Care Facilities
  • More than 100 staff have received training on these devices that safely lift patients who have fallen
  • More than 100 staff have received training and use the NHS accredited “ ISTUMBLE” app- to clinically triage people who have fallen
  • The way the Ambulance service (NWAS) responds has changed as a result of this training to improve their response to individual cases where required.

Knowsley’s Falls service continues to deliver Falls assessments across Knowsley both in Community Clinics and Home assessments and received more than 500 more referrals last year and saw over 400 more service users than in any previous year and can be contacted on 0151 351 8730 or

‘Safe and steady’ falls workshop

One Knowsley is hosting a workshop on Wednesday 20 September, you can click here to register. This session will provide information to organisational staff and volunteers about services available to support those at risk of falls.

This training workshop aims to focus on basic preventive care for people in the community, and empower those who support older adults to take action and reduce their risk of falling.

By increasing awareness and educating the community about falls among older adults, we hope to provide resources to help prevent falls.

Everton in the Community Event – 18 September

Everton in the Community’s Health and Wellbeing team is hosting a 'Falls Prevention Week' celebration event, on Monday 18 September (1pm to 4pm) at the Blue Base, Salop Street, L4 4BZ.  The event is open to any participants, local residents, family members or partners that might be interested in finding out about Everton in the Community’s dedicated Falls Prevention programme ‘Safe and Steady’ as well as taking part in some taster sessions and wellbeing activities.