Publish date: 20 October 2022

Lorna Green, Patient Safety Lead, is retiring after 33 years in the NHS. Lorna's empathy for service users and their families, as well as ensuring their voices are always heard are traits her colleagues really admire about her. 

Lorna started her training as a Nurse at Winwick Hospital in January 1989 and after began working in social therapy and female acute admission wards.  Lorna then transferred to the Brooker Centre at Halton and worked on both Bridge and Weaver Ward. She then joined the St Helens Crisis Resolution Home Treatment (CRHT) team as one of the first Practitioners within the new service and continued to work within frontline services including CRHT psychiatric liaison services Assessment Teams. Lorna then joined St Helens Recovery Team as a Duty Practitioner. In 2018, Lorna accepted became a Serious Incident Investigation Lead which then transitioned into Patient Safety Lead.

Lorna will be greatly missed by her colleagues who wish her well in her retirement.