Publish date: 18 October 2021

There is ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) in place at LIP. If you are based there and do not register your car, you will be liable to pay a £100 fine! Visitors are also required to register their car by submitting a form in advance. You can only register one vehicle against your name.

Since 2019 at Liverpool innovation Park an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system was put in place at the following areas: 

  • Babbage House 2nd Floor
  • Baylis Suite 3
  • Baird House

The ANPR system records your registration number plate that is on the database that are registered for staff, visitors and service users as you drive through the barrier.

If you need to register a vehicle as a permanent member of staff you will need to complete this form. Staff can only register one vehicle, if you need to register another vehicle for a short period of time please do so via

It is your own responsibility to ensure that if you are based at LIP your up-to-date number plate details have been recorded by Pauline Conlan for Babbage and Baylis and Baird House is managed locally by the division. Failure to comply with this can result in a £100 fine.

Visitor parking remains unchanged and request forms are processed via the  Inbox. Patients attending clinics at Baird House are managed by the service in Baird House

Arrangements for staff attending training will remain the same.  All car details must be logged with the learning and development bureau in advance, please do not contact Pauline for training events. 

Any incursion to the parking rules and regulations (such as parking in undesignated areas) still apply for the site and will incur a fine as well as if your correct details are not registered on the system.   All parking fines will be sent direct to your home address.  This will apply to staff, visitors and service users and it is the car owner’s responsibility to pay or take up the appeals procedure (as stated on the issued notice).

Any cars that go over our daily allocation and are recorded on our database then the Trust will incur a £30 penalty fine.