This is a voluntary project supported by the Mersey Care Trust Women’s Staff Network.

Sanitary product storage boxes can be found in the larger staff toilets and accessible toilets.

Please take what products you need and replace what you can.

Take care and wishing you a lovely day,

The Women’s Staff Network

Did you know?

  • Many people think that period poverty (where there is a lack of access of sanitary products and clean places) only occurs in poorer countries or during crisis. But it happens in the UK too affecting school children causing them to miss school. For more information, check out Action Aid and Plan International.
  • In January 2019 NHS England committed to providing free sanitary products for people staying in hospital.
  • Financial pressures can affect our colleagues too and we can have difficult days, for many reasons. Hopefully, in this small way, we can make the day a bit easier.
  • Access the Women’s Staff Network YourSpace page
  • More about comfort boxes.