Publish date: 6 October 2023

I would just like to update everyone about the opening of Aspen Wood and assure everyone that the date remains March 2024.

I have been to look at the building myself and it is stunning.  The collaborative work that has been untaken to develop a therapeutic environment, inside and out, shines through. I would urge all staff to go and have a look at it, to see for yourself. It’s an exciting opportunity to deliver the same quality of care we deliver at Whalley, but in a state of the art building that is not only satisfying to our services users but for staff and visitors as well.

You will also be aware that the update incentives have been shared and for anyone who hasn’t seen them please visit; .... and the link works on any web enabled device if you can’t get time on the wards to view it.

And of course, to see more about the LSU itself, please go to:

If you would like to go and see Aspen Wood please contact Paula Taylor who will start co-ordinating visits, or speak to your ward manager, who will support your release.

Please don’t hesitate to contact, or for any questions, information, concerns or just for a face to face meet.