The separate instances of the Rio Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system, which is used by the Trust for mental health services and some community services, have now been merged to deliver a single system for the population we serve.

Merging the separate instances of this system will deliver multiple benefits but most importantly will support better clinical decision-making and improved patient safety through access to a broader and combined set of records.

Please read our guide to ensure you are aware of the minor changes you may notice when using the merged instance of Rio.

Summary Care Record (SCR) access

We are aware there are ongoing issues for some colleagues who previously accessed the Mid Mersey Rio system and had the ability to view the Summary Care Record.  This is under investigation by NHS Digital SCR and NHS Digital RA Team. An update will be shared as soon as possible. 

Whilst SCR is currently unavailable for some members of staff, please be reminded that staff with the appropriate level of access can also view a person’s GP record via Share2Care e-Xchange through the Rio link as shown below.


Letters headers and footers

Please be advised. A fix has been deployed and Letter templates now have images available on headers and footers

Rio forms folders

As previously communicated, you may notice a difference in form content (those that have been aligned), form names, and the folder structure in the Navigation Pane. To assist with any queries you may have, please refer to our Rio merge forms and folders spreadsheet which identifies the changes which have been made. 

Please note when a form has been aligned, all historic information captured in the old forms is available in the archived form folders. Forms are read-only within these archived folders (unless the new form identifies an outstanding piece of information is required to close the form before creating a new form).  Therefore when updates are required, the new form should be completed.

Rio appointment types and group activity

Please read the below guidance about recording appointment types and group activity within Rio

DATIX reporting

Please be reminded when using Datix to report incidents relating to individual patients, please only record a person’s Forename, Surname, Date of Birth, and NHS number within the appropriate sections.  Please do not record individual Rio numbers within Datix. 


Every effort has been made to ensure that existing reporting is maintained. We ask that you be vigilant with any reporting you use, checking it thoroughly before actioning. If you do notice anything that looks unusual, or should you have any queries, please contact the Business Intelligence Team using the email addresses below

BiT Reports:

IMP Reports:

Help and support 

If you require any support following the system merge, please contact the IT teams as you normally do. 

A new IT Digital Assistant (IDA) is now available on your IT Service Desk’s Self Service Portal which makes it quick and easy for you to access IT support. This portal can be accessed from the self service icon on your computer desktop.

With IDA’s help you can:

  • Instantly log your IT request online.
  • Track the progress of any existing IT requests and add any additional information.
  • Send direct messages to the digital teams dealing with your IT requests.
  • Live chat with an IT Service Desk engineer