Meet some of our apprentices 

Hi! I’m John Sloan and I’m doing a social work apprentice studying for a Bachelor of Science degree. I work for the community alcohol service. Becoming an apprentice has given me a new perspective. It’s allowed me to develop both my knowledge and skills base. What’s more it’s helped me to grow; both personally and professionally.

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I’m Gerladine Fanning and I’m doing an occupational therapy apprenticeship. I was keen to apply to the programme but wondered if my age may be a barrier – which I discovered it wasn’t. My work placements have given me so much confidence. I go back to my team with new ideas and ways of thinking – it’s something I wouldn’t have done without my apprenticeship. I think my mantra could be don’t sit there and wait. Don’t be put off by your age. There are loads of experiences out there waiting for you. I’ve done it later in life, so can you.

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Hi there, I’m Helen Bailey and I’ve completed my registered nursing degree apprenticeship. I hadn’t considered an apprenticeship before, I thought they were just for school kids. I had so much support from the Trust and at home and I knew it was doable. I was settled in my role, but I’m so glad I believed in myself and took the opportunity to expand my horizons.

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What does your job involve? 

My role involves supporting the OE&L team with the Trust’s induction programme, PACE (staff appraisal system), mandatory training compliance, manage the team’s inboxes, correspondence, orders, invoices and coordination of annual leave, sickness, team meetings.  

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How did you get into the role?

I was made redundant from RBS/NatWest Bank and was sign posted to the Mersey Care Pre-employment programme in November 2018.  This course involved development sessions including, NHS values and mandatory training as well as a placement working in the Learning and development team. I loved this role, putting my organisation and IT skills to use.  I was signed up to the Mersey Care Bank at the end of the programme, continuing to work in the L&D team, and was successful at interview for the trainee L&D Facilitator post in September 2019.  

Which apprenticeship are you doing / did you complete? 

I am currently undertaking the L3 Apprenticeship Data Technician (Data Citizen).

What does/did the study involve? 

The L3 Apprenticeship Data Technician is an 18- month programme and I am due to go through my end point assessment in March 2023.  The course Involves live on-line lessons, immersive learning, skills practice, practical application following each lesson. I have also completed several of the Edward Jenner Leadership programme modules and looked at computer coding and dashboards, I have learnt a lot that I have been able to use on a day-to-day basis.  “I would definitely recommend this course if you work with data in your role” After completing this course you can progress onto the level 4 Digital Development Lead.   

Why did you want to do an apprenticeship? 

I wanted to enhance my existing skills and develop skills in new areas in relation to data reporting and the range of ways you can interpret and present data for different needs and audiences. 

What do you want to do once you qualify / What did you do after qualifying? 

I love the team I work in and would like to continue to progress my career and hopefully work towards becoming a Senior Learning and Development Facilitator.  

What does your job involve? 

As Integrated Community Equipment Services Manager I manage a group of staff. This includes stores personnel, drivers and hygienists. The ICES team are responsible for delivering equipment to patients based in the community who may also be receiving end of life care. The team are also responsible for ensuring that urgent requests are fulfilled, and that equipment is fit for purpose and been decontaminated via the hygienists. The team also carry out repairs of equipment.  

What does your job involve?

At the moment I work as the ICES (Integrated Community Equipment Services) Team Manager. Before I was able to secure this post, I had worked in various areas across the Trust which have all contributed to my career progression.  

When I first started working in Mersey Care I was a receptionist in the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). I was able to learn lots of new skills and develop my  existing skills after being fresh out of college.  

Over the last 13-14 years whilst working for Mersey Care I have worked in all the different Divisions, working with several people honing my skills and developing good working relationships with people around the Trust.  

Which apprenticeship are you doing / did you complete? 

I completed my Business Administration Level 3 at the beginning of 2020 – in which I achieved a distinction grade. I have since gone onto enrol on the Leadership Management Apprenticeship and I hope to complete another one possibly the Operational Management Apprenticeship.  I had to take a break in learning as I went on maternity leave but I am looking forward to recommencing my apprenticeship.  

What does/did the study involve? 

Both apprenticeships have been similar regarding the evidence that is required.  There have been knowledge questions to demonstrate understanding around information and content that has been taught during classroom lessons (or via zoom). I think the parts I enjoyed the most where the project tasks, there was a group project which was nice and helped everyone learn how to navigate working with each other and individual projects.  

I think that during the Business Admin apprenticeship I learnt how to implement a project and present it as an individual and listen to feedback and adjust accordingly.  

Why did you want to do an apprenticeship? 

I wanted to gain a qualification, several of the tasks/assessments that are required I already knew how to do or was competent in, and wanted formal recognition of this through the apprenticeship. I also felt that in order to have the level of career progression that I wanted I knew I needed to gain a qualification.    

What do you want to do once you qualify / What did you do after qualifying? 

I wanted to secure a post as a manager. I wasn’t sure what area/team I wanted to do this in, but I knew I wanted to be a manager. Last year while on maternity leave, I had a interview for ICES (Integrated Community Equipment Services) Team Manager and was successful. Before securing this post, I was able to work as Assistant Site Manager within the Community Division and then as a Acting Site Manager whilst the Site Manager was on secondment.  

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