Publish date: 2 June 2021

Who are Claire House?

Claire House is predominantly a paediatric Children’s Hospice supporting young adults until the age of 23, to provide a five year overlap with adult palliative care services. They support safe and effective transitions into adult palliative care where appropriate. They also accept new referrals for young adults up to the age of 23 for end of life care. For young adults between the ages of 23-25, Claire House will work in collaboration with adult service providers.

Why is collaborating helpful?

Young adults are a unique cohort that benefit from a blend of both adult and paediatric palliative care knowledge and expertise. This group are legally adults, with some being very mature, living away from their family home and potentially with families of their own. They may feel very comfortable within adult services and need minimal input from paediatric services. There are other adults still at home with parents who are used to being cared for by parents if they have a long-term condition. These young adults and their families may benefit more so from a young adult and family centred approach to care, which we can provide, as well as managing the complex relationships between children and parents. This can be challenging with young adults who are trying to find their own voice.

What services can Claire House offer?

For over 18’s end of life care referrals, Claire House don’t replicate existing services that are already very effective and established, but instead look to add value to the clinical and psychosocial care to the young adult and their family. Assisting with advanced care planning, Claire House find that parallel planning works well. For example, making a plan for when things are going well (e.g. what the patient wants to do achieve, bucket lists etc) and enabling them to maintain hope for a positive outcome, whilst also planning for if things don’t go well. They explore what the patients wishes are around end of life/escalations of care/treatment/funerals etc and ensure they have a voice in their care until the end.

Claire House can help with is bucket lists and memory making, by utilising  their contacts with people who want to help young people in this position.

How to refer

Complete the online referral form . Please email with any queries. For urgent referrals for end of life care or urgent symptom management please call the Rapid Response On-Call number 07717 888604.